Christmas Pay Processing Deadlines and Payments


It is important that all staff and supervisors are aware of the deadlines for submission of salary payment documentation to enable timely salary payments over the Christmas period. Due to the University closure, there is a need to adjust the normal deadlines for the submission of salary payment documentation, such as casual staff timesheets and other salary claim forms.

The following table identifies the deadlines for salary payments in December/January:

Pay Period Ending    Due Date of Information to HR      Salary Payment Date

20 Dec 2013    Midday Wednesday 11 Dec 2013    Wednesday 18 Dec 2013

3 Jan 2014    Midday Monday 16 Dec 2013    Tuesday 31 December 2013

As the volume of work required to prepare two salary payments, termination payments and the Annual Leave Loading payment prior to the University closedown is significant, regrettably, it will not be possible to process claims received after the published deadlines, nor, process any requests for manual payments.


For your information, the following arrangements will apply:

Pay Fortnight ending 20 December 2013 – paid normally on Wednesday 18 December.
Annual Leave Loading (for eligible staff) – paid by Wednesday 18 December.
Terminations and contract end payments (up until 20 Dec 2013) – paid Saturday 21 December.

The first salary payment in 2014 will be prepared before the University closure and will be paid on Tuesday 31 December 2013 (fortnight ending 3 January 2014).
Terminations and contract end payments (from 21/12/13 – 3/1/14) – paid Saturday 4 January 2014.

The University closure from 25 December 2013 until 1 January 2014 (24 December 2013 to 1 January 2014 for NSW and Vice-Chancellery) inclusive has an impact on the timing of some salary payments. Any salary increments or promotions that fall due in the first pay period in January will be processed in the second pay period in January (fortnight ending 17 January 2014) and any necessary back pay applied.