ACU:Listening to You

Including staff through consultation and considering your feedback is important at ACU.  The University strives to provide a workplace where staff have opportunities to share their views with the University across all aspects of its work.

Consultation with staff helps to inform actions the University takes to build upon ACU’s culture, mission and strategic direction into the future.   

In the coming weeks there are number of ways in which you can make your voice heard and provide input to the high-level plans of the University:

Weigh in on the ACU Strategic Plan

Each time the University reviews the ACU Strategic Plan, we would like to hear from you – how do you think we are going with our goals?  

As the University reflects on the ACU Strategic Plan 2012-2014, now is the time to tell us what you think.  Your input will assist the University as it develops the ACU Strategic Plan 2015-2020.  For more information, or to give your feedback, visit Refocusing the ACU Strategic Plan Project site.

Provide suggestions in the Service Matters survey

Do you have any feedback on the way that professional services are currently being delivered across the University?  
An online service quality survey called ‘Service Matters’ will be launched this week to collect your feedback on what ACU does well in delivering its professional services, and what could be done better/differently in the future. ACU professional services are defined as all services outside of teaching and research services. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Service Matters Survey feedback will help to inform the Shared Services Review, which is taking place as part of the Futures Project.

The survey being conducted by Systems Thinking, an external organisation, and survey responses will be kept confidential.  More details will be emailed to staff next week.

Have your say in the myVoice survey

The myVoice staff opinion survey is a regular survey which the University holds once every few years to track how ACU is progressing over time.  The survey is confidential and enables you to have your say on working at ACU, and on how we are performing as an organisation on the whole.

Your feedback helps ACU to recognise strengths and identify areas for development across a wide range of management practices. The results of each myVoice survey also allow ACU to be benchmarked with other universities.  All continuing and fixed-term staff will be invited to participate in the next myVoice survey when it launches on 31 March, 2014.

Vote on the proposed Staff Enterprise Agreement

The University has reached agreement on a proposed new ACU Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017, through negotiations with representatives from staff unions.  

The ACU Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017 would cover the working conditions and provisions for all Academic staff employed at Levels A to E, as well as all Professional Staff employed at HEW levels 1 to 9.

If you are a staff member by the ACU Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017, you will be invited to participate in an electronic ballot which will be held from February 12-14, 2014.  In this ballot, you may vote to indicate your approval or disapproval of the proposed Agreement.  All eligible staff will receive an email invitation to participate in the ballot on 12 February, 2014.

We are now in stage preceding the ballot, which is known as the Access Period (1-11 February, 2014).  During the Access Period, the proposed Australian Catholic University Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017 and explanatory resources are available for viewing on the Enterprise Bargaining sharepoint site.  You may also ask questions to help you clarify your understanding of any matters in the agreement by emailing