ACU Professor featured on AHA TV

 Professor Sandy Middleton was invited by the American Heart Association (AHA) to be involved in making a 'thought leadership' film on her QASC Implementation Project  for their recent International Stroke Conference in San Diego. The film, on her research on the Quality in Acute Stroke Care (QASC) Implementation Project was produced by AHA TV and was screened throughout the conference venue as well as at a number of hotels.  
The International Stroke Conference is the world’s largest meeting dedicated to the science and treatment of cerebrovascular disease. With stroke being the 2nd leading cause of death worldwide, this conference provided an invaluable global platform to share cutting-edge research, scientific discoveries, and innovation in cerebrovascular disease.With this in mind, AHA TV is being launched this year to help to engage and inform the International Stroke

Conference delegation (almost 4,000 physicians, scientists, nurses, and researchers) about some of the latest advancements in basic, clinical, population and translational sciences in order to provide a more complete understanding of stroke pathophysiology with the overall goal of developing more effective prevention, modalities and treatment options. Some of the key focus areas for the program included:

  • Innovations in stroke recovery and rehabilitation
  • Developments in basic, clinical, population and translational research
  • Interdisciplinary working and partnerships
  • Integrated care and personalized medicine
  • Health services research and access to care
  • Advances in early diagnosis and prevention
  • Education, training and community outreach
  • Telemedicine

AHA TV profiled a number of leading university departments, hospitals and research institutions in the TV program, giving them the opportunity to profile their latest research, initiatives and best practices in the form of a five minute documentary feature.