Message from the Executive Dean

Professor Elizabeth More AM

Message from the Executive Dean

Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to the second FBU newsletter – an important communication vehicle for us all, reminding me that this was one of the key points raised in relation to the last MyVoice university survey. There is a lot of interesting and useful information included in all the areas covered and I am hoping not to repeat the items detailed, but I would like to highlight the following:

In terms of our Products, I note, and thank all involved, that:

• We are continuing apace with our important rollout of online offerings, including our successful collaboration with OUA. If you read the higher education literature, new technologies and opportunities with online offerings through MOOKS are having a major impact on the very nature of higher education!
• We have launched with ACU Executive Education, the postgrad Certificate in Not-for-Profit Management, and the executive Certificate in Sustainable Enterprise.
• We have worked most productively in the major course review project plus the accreditation processes with AHRI, CPA, MIA, and ACS – crucial for our ongoing sustainability and reputation.
• Executive submitted a variety of documents:
- the New Course Concept Committee accepted – M Com (majors in Accounting, HRM, BIS, Mktg), B Accounting and Finance, and the faculty postgrad flagship – M Sustainable Enterprise
- the Faculty Postgraduate Strategy 2013-2015
- the Faculty Retention Strategy and the consequent purchase of Pearson Education MyMath Lab program to be offered to commencing students in 2013
- the Faculty Workforce planning document, completed in conjunction with HR

In terms of our Profile, I note, and thank all involved, that:

• We lifted our profile in the marketplace because of our recent 4 star rating with GMAA – this has had a significant impact in many ways, not least of which is the increase in interest in our postgraduate courses; we have also this month submitted a similar ratings document for assessment by CEO magazine.

In terms of our People, I note, and thank all involved, that:

• We welcomed new staff – Dr Rebecca Leshinsky, Dr Nick Mroczkowski and Dr Judith Rex in Melbourne.
• The HOS and I held our second successful meeting with the Faculty Student Liaison Committee with special discussions around timetabling and internship opportunities which have since been followed up.
• There was a wonderful evening on our Brisbane campus this month to celebrate the 10 out of our currently enrolled 75 executives in the MBAE program who will complete this semester and graduate in 2013.
• Our third Strategy Advance in September was the most successful so far and Liz is completing a summary of the action plans.
• Whilst two of our staff, Professor Peter Steane and Dr Andrew Schrader, have been seconded to the University Research Office and they will be sorely missed, we applaud them in undertaking such crucial work on the University’s important CRN project.

My schedule most recently has encompassed, alongside the usual round of committee and staff meetings:

• collaborating with the Faculty Advisory Council for relationships with external potential partners across a range of initiatives from internships to sponsoring prizes and academic positions
• undertaking the first of the two Leadership Competency Framework training programs
• meeting with the Rector of the Pontifical University of Chile about exchanges
• attending the launch of the university’s new Faculty of Law in the beautiful Daniel Mannix building in Melbourne
• ongoing budget, fees and TAC meetings
• working with the university Graduation Working Party to improve graduation ceremonies
• judging the 3 Minute Thesis competition
• working with the university Paid Inside/Outside Work Policies working group
• working on the Academic Promotions committee across levels B,C, and E
• working on Retention Strategy committee
• attending the Sydney Catholic Business Network lunch with David Thodey, CEO of Telstra as guest, and a Christmas cocktail function to be sponsored by ACU
• meeting with our Philippine partner, Tony Esteban to discuss how the program is progressing and attending with him and Prof Marea Nicholson, AVC, Sydney, a dinner for the President of the Philippines at the Sydney Shangri La Hotel
• meeting with Eileen Peacock of AACSB, with Professors Alan Bowen-James and Grant Jones concerning our next steps in the accreditation process

Finally, I want to endorse your involvement in the forthcoming crucial Change of Preference Information Sessions (Brisbane 17/12, Melbourne 19/12, Sydney 3/01) for a variety of reasons, not least being that our Faculty funding relates to meeting our load.

Professor Elizabeth More AM

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