Learning and Teaching Report

Alan Bowen-James

Learning and Teaching Report

by Professor Alan Bowen-James


Semester Unit Outlines under review by the Associate Deans Learning and Teaching, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students, Learning and Teaching) and the Learning and Teaching Centre.

The ADLTs, the DVC (SL&T) office and LTC have been reviewing and revising Semester Unit Outline templates and guidelines. At the time of writing, the process is at the advanced draft stage and the final documents will be forthcoming soon.

It is anticipated that these will comprise of:
• Unit Outline Template
• Unit Outline Help Guide

It is not anticipated that there will be major changes to the SUO template that is currently in use within FBU as we have been striving to improve the template in keeping with TEQSA requirements and other factors. The University’s Academic Administration Committee will be determining the language and final content of the documents. In the meantime, please continue to use current University Unit Outline templates until advised otherwise.

As you may be aware, questions were asked during the Course Review about TEQSA’s attitude towards SUOs, in particular with respect to the inclusion of assessment requirements, the required level of detail and the need for consistency across locations. This matter was raised with the ADLTs and the Chair of Academic Board. As the body monitoring quality matters and TEQSA compliance, OPSM sent specific questions to TEQSA.

The response from TEQSAs Regulation and Review Director included the following points:

• TEQSA requires the following information, by delivery site:
- name of subject;
- the session (for example semester 1, year 1) in which the subject will be offered;
- a list of assessment tasks (including the types of assessment tasks such as specific topics);
- duration/length/word limit of assessment and any specific formats;
- the assessment weighting (percentage of total marks for each subject);
- details of moderation and any other arrangements that will be used to support consistency and reliability of assessment and grading across each subject in the course of study, noting any differences in these processes across delivery methods, delivery sites, and/or student cohorts.

• Regarding consistency of course content, assessment and learning outcomes across locations and modes of study, if there are different delivery sites and/or modes of study TEQSA requires evidence that the learning outcomes for each site and/or mode of study are equivalent. If there are differences across learning outcomes, a rationale for the differences must be provided.

The review and approval process will begin shortly, in time for the new semester in the New Year!

Course Review recommendations

Thank you to all those staff who engaged in the Course Review. This has been a remarkable undertaking for the Faculty, being the first review of the majority of its courses. Due to encompassing the undergraduate, post-graduate and externally accredited courses, the review was a huge task, especially given the tight timelines and competing work priorities. It was successfully driven by the Course Review Committee Chair Prof. Alan Bowen-James and the Course Review Sub Committee Chair Prof. Grant Jones, working closely with the Course Review Working Party Chairs.

The recommendations have been approved by Faculty Board and the recommendations have been submitted to the University’s Course and Academic Quality Committee (C&AQC). Pending C&AQC approval, they will subsequently be submitted to Academic Board in early 2013 for endorsement and implementation in 2014.

Recommendation of major changes
• Redevelopment of the Bachelor of Information Technology and Masters of Technology in accordance with ACS requirements
• Change in nomenclature for named majors in the Bachelor of Commerce
• Review of the named major of Accounting for offshore delivery to Bachelor of Commerce, with a major in Accounting

Recommendation of minor changes
• Add ACCT600 as a prerequisite for BUSN600, applicable across all postgraduate courses

Recommendation of courses to be discontinued
• Bachelor of Human Resource Management & Masters of Human Resource Management
• Bachelor of Business Information Systems & Masters of Business Information Systems & replaced by the Bachelor of Information Technology & the Masters of Information Technology
• Masters of Marketing
• Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Tourism Management
• Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Hospitality Management

Two new courses were recommended as a result of the Course Review
The University Course Concept Approval Committee has approved these courses for further development.
• Bachelor of Accounting and Finance
• Master of Commerce with named majors in Accounting, Business Information Systems, Human Resource Management and Marketing

New Master of Sustainable Enterprise flagship course

The University Course Concept Approval Committee has approved the development of FBUs proposed flagship course, a Master of Sustainable Enterprise.

The aim of the proposed Master of Sustainable Enterprise (MSE) is both to develop an awareness and understanding of the key concepts of sustainable enterprise, and especially to promote their application in organisational settings. Sustainable enterprise is about reviewing, optimising and shaping the strategies, operations, policies, procedures and governance of organisations to make them more effective in achieving their mission in a socially, environmentally and ethically responsible way, ensuring where possible that human, financial and natural resources are combined equitably and reflectively in order to bring about innovation and enhanced productivity.

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