International Matters

Professor Peter Steane

International Matters

by Professor Peter Steane


Significant Developments

There has been progress in building articulation and potential double degree options from ACU partners. The two Grande Ecoles in France (ESG and ESA) have sought formal articulation agreements to ACU. This has been completed and formalised. The due diligence over the potential ESSCA joint undergraduate degree (2 years in Budapest and 1 year at ACU) is before Faculty Executive for a decision. This will enable ACU students to access to ESSCA programs in Shanghai, Paris, Angers and Budapest.

International Visits

I attended the EAIE conference in Dublin, which is a bit like speed dating on steroids. The conference is European-focused and provides the best opportunity to meet with many of our partner institutions. The conference entails about 30 back to back meetings over three days. ACU Business will follow up on deeper links with a number of partners, three of which include:
-National College of Ireland (a Jesuit founded school, specialising in ‘Cloud Technology’)
-Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) (with special research interests in social entrepreneurship and non-profit leadership)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -St. John’s University (a NY university with campus in Rome, Paris and Seville, for study abroad opportunities for ACU students)

Asian Developments

The recent 2-week visit from academics from Ateneo de Manila University as part of the AusAID grant (Professors Steane and Rodwell), will position ACU for stronger research and potential exchange links with Ateneo. The Fellows included the Dean and former Provost of the university and indicates the profile ACU Business is gaining. Shared research interests in non-profit management and sustainability are a basis for stronger collaborative links and faculty exchanges in the future.

Partnership Programs

The quality assurance assessment for the Philippines program has been completed and the report submitted to FLTC for approval. The “pilot” start has ironed out administrative problems and ensured our intake in January 2013 will be strong in numbers and without problems. Our campus in the Stock Exchange Building in Makarti provides excellent profile to ACU Business. Our B. Commerce (Accounting) is the first full Australian undergraduate degree in the Philippines, providing us with prime-mover advantage. Our partner is the Australian Institute of Higher Education, and the CHED (Philippine government) registration of our program is finalised.

Internationalisation of the Curriculum

The Faculty’s internationalisation strategy has been completed and awaits approval from FLTC. The strategy highlights the direction going forward in ‘globalizing’ business education.


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