Strategy Advance 2012

Strategy Advance 2012

This year's Strategy Advance will take place at the Vibe Hotel, Milsons Point.

Day 1, September 25 will focus on learning and teaching and will be conducted, in part, in discipline groups.

We are fortunate to have Professor Anne Cummins joining us to start the day and she will speak on the critical issues we face in learning and teaching.

Professor Mark Freeman will follow Professor Cummins. He is the Australian Business Deans Council Scholar, Accounting Professor at Sydney University and the ALTC Discipline Scholar in 2010 for the Academic Standards Project.

Professor Freeman will address the subject of developing, assessing and assuring academic standards in the TEQSA and AQF environment.

Day 1 will end with drinks and dinner at the Hotel.

There will be a number of presentations on Day 2, September 26, including the Vice Chancellor - Professor Greg Craven.

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