Learning and Teaching Report

Alan Bowen-James

Learning and Teaching Report

by Professor Alan Bowen-James


New curriculum governance model

Recently a new curriculum governance model has been implemented which provides the framework, reviewing and approving structures to enable the Faculty to meet its reporting obligations for its courses of study.

A three-tier system was established, consisting of the Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee, the Course Moderation Committee and the five Discipline Moderation Committees. The three-tier system means that issues relating to courses can be discussed and reviewed across all three forums and already 140 semester unit outlines for postgraduate and undergraduate study have been developed under the new governance model.

Course reviews

The Business Faculty undergraduate courses that were due to be reviewed in 2011 are being carried out in 2012. We are conducting the course reviews to review the effectiveness of courses and to ensure that we are meeting the future and present needs of the Faculty, the University, students and employers. We are employing an inclusive engagement process that encompasses current and past students, lecturers, external academics, potential employers and industry representatives. At the same time, we are enhancing accreditations with external professional bodies, including the Institute of Chartered Accountant, Australian Marketing Institute and Australian Computer Society among others.

LEO lounges

We can now announce that 137 LEO lounges have been developed to support Semester 2 courses with sections for assessment, learning materials, communication and support. Another initiative is the expansion of SharePoint as a resource tool where documents and resources can be developed and stored, with sub-sites on 'Unit Management' and 'Course Administration'.

Full Learning and Teaching Update

For further information on the new curriculum governance model, course reviews, e-learning, SharePoint resources as well as new staff and key dates, read the full Learning and Teaching Update.

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