Administration Report

Kathy Chiha

Administration Report

by Kathy Chiha


Administrative Team

The Administrative Team supports the academic component of the Faculty and ensures there are administrative processes and financial resources to deliver courses. Reporting to Professor Elizabeth More, Foundation Executive Dean of Business, the Faculty Manager looks after the resourcing for the Faculty with the support of the Executive Officer who looks after the academic requirements and course-related functions. They are ably supported by other members of the Administrative Team.

Faculty Performance

As at 7 August 2012, the Faculty had 2,188 EFSL against the target of 2194. The Faculty of Business has grown 34 per cent since business programs were first offered in 2009. There has been eight per cent growth in 2012 but with a significant drop in international enrolments, reflecting the economic situation overseas as well.

Full Administration Report

For a complete snapshot of the Administrative Team and details about student load, read the full Administration Report.

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