Deputy Dean Report

Deputy Dean Report

New courses

New course proposals developed this year, the Bachelor of Nutrition Science and a new double degree Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Counselling will expand Faculty course offerings from 2018. The approval processes for a new course and subsequent government reporting and marketing, requires a long lead time.

Course reviews

Course reviews completed this year include the Bachelor of Midwifery, Bachelor of Nursing and the Tertiary Preparation Program (Health). Congratulations to all those involved.

Reviews of the Master of Clinical Counselling Course Review, Master of Health Science (Research), are progressing and reviews of the Bachelor of Speech Pathology and Bachelor of Applied Public Health are soon to commence. Planning and preparation for reviews is informed by the annual interim reviews of unit implementation and data on student outcomes. So the ongoing work of Course Implementation Committees in informing course reviews is essential.


Accreditation application outcomes this year include Psychology receiving conditional accreditation, pending new staff appointments, and Physiotherapy accreditation for Ballarat progressing with a site visit planned for November. Application for Speech Pathology accreditation for Brisbane was recently submitted and Nursing and Midwifery accreditation applications will be submitted early next year. Also coming up early next year is preparation of  Social Work (national) and Occupational Therapy (for Brisbane) applications.

Core Curriculum

Governance of the Core Curriculum implementation was partly devolved to the Faculties this year, leading to two new roles: Faculty Core Curriculum Academic Liaison, and another Faculty Administrator for administrative support to this role and other governance work. Expressions of Interest have been called for these two positions. The figures below show the significant number of FHS students enrolled in the Core units this year, with even more expected next year.

Did you know?

  • 4184 of the 7291 students enrolled in UNCC100 were FHS students.
  • 2323 of the 3522 students who enrolled in UNCC300 on-campus were FHS students.
  • That’s over 6500 students, and 267 tutorials.
  • FHS students who completed the International Core this year included: 13 in Beijing; 11 in Paris; and 14 in Rome.

Expressions of Interest in teaching for Professional Term 1 and Semester 1, 2017 closed on 4 November and were assessed by the Executive Dean. Successful applicants have been notified. Another round of EOIs for Semesters 1 and 2 and Winter Term will be called in January next year.

The freshly revised UNCC300 unit will be implemented from Professional Term 1, 2017. Training on delivery of the revised unit for tutors will be undertaken on 13 December, 2016.

Policy update

The University Policy and Guidelines on Course Development, Review and Approval and associated templates are currently being revised to comply with the new Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards 2015) which were released earlier this year. The revised standards have implications for governance, quality assurance, research, learning environments, representation and information management, teaching, and student participation and attainment.

Welcome to new team member

The Governance team welcomes Rebecca Bates on secondment from the School of Psychology who will replace Carol Bradley while she takes up the position of Acting Faculty Executive Officer while Jacqui Booth is on maternity leave. Also welcome to Natalie Mayerhofer who joins us on secondment from Professional Experience Services as Faculty Adminstrator to provide support for the Core Curriculum and international activities.

As the end of the year rushes upon us, I would like to acknowledge the hard work of the governance team and the Schools in ensuring effective quality assurance processes in our Faculty, and wish you all a joyous and peaceful Festive Season. I look forward to continuing our work next year.

Professor Karen Flowers
Deputy Dean
Faculty of Health Sciences

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