Physiotherapy update

Physiotherapy update

New faces around the School of Physiotherapy

The School warmly welcomes new academic staff to Brisbane and North Sydney Campuses.

North Sydney

Dr Sharon Czerniec has re-joined us in a Senior Lecturer position and has experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy with a research interest in post-cancer rehabilitation and lymphodema.

Sarah Forsyth has experience in physiotherapy rehabilitation and public health.

Audrey Wang has experience and research interests in the management of pain and chronic pain in various physiotherapy related conditions.

Dr Alex Wirianski has experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and a research interest in temporomandibular dysfunction.


Jordan Craig joins us from Melbourne Victory Football Club. Jordan has experience in sports physiotherapy and a particular interest in managing knee conditions.

Vaughan Nicholson has experience in acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and research interests in exercise interventions for middle-aged and older adults.

Awards night and farewell to 2015 students

Physiotherapy Awards night - students from North Sydney

Awards Night student group - North Sydney

At the end of last year our 2015 graduating students from both campuses attended a fun-filled farewell and Awards functions.

In Brisbane, the awards dinner was attended by Katrina Williams, incoming president of the Australian Physiotherapy Association Queensland Branch.

Special guests who presented awards in North Sydney included:

  • Associate Vice-Chancellor (NSW), Professor Marea Nicholson
  • Executive Dean, Professor Michelle Campbell
  • National Head, School of Physiotherapy, Professor Suzanne Kuys
  • National Head, School of Science, Professor Meg Stuart
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association NSW, Branch Coordinator, Jenny Robertson

The event started with speeches and awards were presented to the following students.


Clinical Excellence

Best Academic Performance

Community Engagement

Research Excellence


Cody Loopstra

Rosemary Parker

Kate Harris

William Thwaite

North Sydney

Anthony Griffiths

Kimberley Cochrane

Maree Calabria

Ryan Fraser

There was an additional new award, The David and Carolyn Love Physiotherapy Award for Excellence in Communication and Empathy presented to a North Sydney student.

Following a stroke, David Love was admitted to Graythwaite Rehabilitation Centre in Sydney as an inpatient and was subsequently treated by ACU Physiotherapy students. David and his wife Carolyn were so impressed with one particular student, that they contacted the ACU Physiotherapy Clinical Coordinator and very generously offered $1,000 to sponsor an annual Award for Physiotherapy students. This award is timely in that it aligns with the value of dignity, as identified in the recently launched FHS Positioning Statement where the value, worth and dignity of the individual is at the heart of our interactions and relationships.

Fourth year physiotherapy students

Our fourth year students began their final year of studies with an intensive on-campus block of study to launch them into their clinical practice year. On their final day of intensive block, students across both campuses, presented to staff and their peers, their evidence based practice management plans for a range of complex clinical cases. We wish the 4th years an excellent experience in their clinical placements.

Students’ success - honours students

Congratulations to the students who have accepted to come into our honours program for 2016-2017. We have an exciting and innovative range of projects for them to choose from.

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