Associate Dean (Research) Report

Associate Dean (Research) Report

Our team at the ADR office are preparing for an increased level of research activity across the Faculty.
We would like to encourage everyone to access our OADR SharePoint site which contains valuable information for all staff relating to research.

The FHS Research Team comprises the following staff members:

  • Professor Maree Johnson (Associate Dean, Research)
  • Ms Lyn Bosanquet (Faculty Research Manager)
  • Dr Jane Glatz (Senior Manager Research Development)
  • Dr George Mnatzaganian (Research Development Coordinator)
  • Dr Pre de Silva (Higher Degree Research Coordinator)
  • Ms Rebecca Adams (PA to ADR and Project Officer)
  • Dr Sally Cheng (Higher Degree Research Administrative Officer)
  • Mrs Melinda Keresztes (HERDC Support Administrative Officer)

HDR students

The Faculty of Health Sciences is currently maintaining a busy Higher Degree Research (HDR) portfolio, with 163 active students.

Institute / School

Number of students

School of Exercise Science


Institute for Positive Psychology and Education


School of Psychology


School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine


School of Allied Health


School of Physiotherapy


Mary MacKilllop Institute for Health Research


Institute for Health and Ageing


School of Science


Centre for Health and Social Research


HDR student transferrable skills training

Following on from the success of the HDR student training program introduced during 2015, the 2016 program will be launched in early March and will provide training on topics such as:

  • Reading, Writing for Thesis and Publication (including for ESL students), Reviewing for Journals and Presenting Research
  • Research Resources and Software, including library support and online research identity
  • Data Management including Big Data at ACU
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

All HDR students and supervisors will be invited to participate.

Research mentoring

Are you an early-mid-returning career researcher within FHS who wants to make the next step in your research career? Having a mentor might be right for you.

Are you a senior researcher within FHS who wants to develop your leadership skills and build the professional contribution aspect of your track record? Being a mentor might be right for you.

In 2016, FHS will be launching a Research Mentoring Program and we are calling for all potential mentees and mentors to get in touch with Dr Jane Glatz.

2015 research performance

The Office of the ADR wishes to congratulate the Faculty on the stellar research performance of 2015. The Faculty has performed extremely well against the Research Performance targets set in the Faculty Strategic Plan.




Increase external grant income by 10%

Target exceeded: Increase of 60%

Increase on-time completions to 95%

19 completions 45% on time [21 completions just slipped into 2016 would have been 96.3% ]


Increase international collaborations by 20% by 2017

Target exceeded: 76% increase


Increase domestic collaborations by 20%

Target almost reached: 19% increase


Rank 3 or above in 3 - 4 FHS FoR codes in 2015 ERA round

Target exceeded: Ranked 5 in 4 codes


Grow discipline specific research strengths indicated by a 10% increase in Q1 publications in key FoR codes

Target exceeded


Increase research impact by increasing average cites per paper by 20%

10% increase


Improve the quality of the FHS Theses by achieving a 10% reduction in the annual % of minor and major amendments

Target reached - Target 22.5% require major change

External grant applications Year-to-date (YTD)

The Faculty has continued its great work of 2015 in securing external research funds and has achieved a significant increase in both the number of grant applications submitted and the dollar value of the grant applications.

Grant applications YTD



Number of applications



Total value of applications

$1.8 m

$6.2 m

Total value of grants won YTD


Internal grants

The Faculty is pleased to announce that the following internal research grants will be available in 2016:

  • Conference Travel Grant Scheme (CTGS) – 2 rounds
  • Faculty Research Student Support Scheme (FRSSS)
  • Faculty Secondment to Centre Scheme
  • Undergraduate Research Internship (URI)
  • Honours Support
  • Australian Catholic University Research Funding (ACURF)

ACURF Grants

The ACURF will open in April and close at the end of May 2016. The Research Office will release the guidelines soon and application processes will be via the Research webpages.

FHS Researchers wanting ACURF grant writing support are encouraged to contact Dr Jane Glatz as soon as possible.

Details of these grants and their timetables will be circulated in due course. Details of the FHS Grants are available on OADR SharePoint

HERDC publications reporting

The entry of ACU publications into the Research Master/Orion system is progressing well for us to meet the 31 March 2016 deadline for the 2015 FHS Collection to be complete in Orion.

FHS Publications




2015 to date

C1 Publications





C1-N Publications





Master of Health Sciences Research (Discipline)

Unlike 2015, in 2016 the moderated core units of the Master of Health Sciences Research (Discipline) will be offered in both first and second semester, welcoming mid-year intakes. In 2016, more students from all disciplines are showing interest in this opportunity. Within this course, candidates conduct a research project with academic supervision and all domestic research candidates are offered a Research Training Scheme (RTS) place. We wish all continuing and new students success in 2016.

We look forward to working with you throughout 2016.

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