Marketing Team Update

Marketing Team Update

From Sarah Hatton, Faculty Marketing Manager 

2014 has been a uniquely challenging year for marketing within the Faculty of Health Sciences, with significant new demands growing from the amalgamation of Faculties following the ACU Futures recommendations. Not unexpectedly, the addition of two Schools with five new disciplines, and the launch of five new programs scheduled for 2015, have placed heavy demands on the FHS Marketing team. A range of new marketing collateral has been designed and produced that accurately reflects the changes in the Faculty’s structures and programs. Additionally, all existing marketing collateral was rebranded during 2014 to conform with the University’s changed branding from ‘It’s our University, Make it Yours’ to ‘A Life less Ordinary’, and its change of Postgraduate branding to centre on ‘A Life less Ordinary’.

The first draft of the University’s Undergraduate Courses Guide 2016 has just been completed. From 2016, the Faculty of Health Sciences is offering 27 Undergraduate programs across six campuses (in notable contrast to FTP which offers just three UG programs across three campuses, and Law (now split from Business for Marketing purposes) which offers a total of six programs across three campuses). Redesigning and producing new marketing material that fully and accurately reflect the comprehensive recent changes across the Faculty of Health Sciences has obviously been extremely demanding: my thanks go to all in Faculty who have contributed so generously to help ensure that this important exercise was completed so successfully.

Two print-runs of the Faculty of Health Sciences Postgraduate Guide 2015 were organised during 2014: the first in early April to support the Australian College of Nursing exhibitions, and the second, updated in June, to provide an additional 2,500 Guides. These publications have been distributed at conferences and exhibitions, at Postgraduate events, and at discipline-specific promotions held across ACU campuses. In addition, specific targeted mail-outs of the Postgraduate Guide to clinical partners, have been undertaken. Stock for 2015 is now depleted and production of the Faculty’s Postgraduate Guide 2016 is currently underway. If members of Faculty have any suggestions or comments on how the forthcoming Guide might be improved, please let me know. As presumably we are all aware, production of the Guide is a most demanding task, as it covers eleven Discipline areas and numerous distinct specialties within many of these Disciplines - at Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters levels. 5,000 of these Guides will be printed in time for the first of our events - the Australian College of Nursing expos which commence in early April 2015. Schools will soon be asked for any approved changes and/or additions, and these will need to be advised by mid-December.

This year has seen a marked increase in the number of marketing and promotional campaigns, in both hard-copy and digital form. The first series of campaigns commenced in May for the mid-year intake and the second-series of campaigns commenced in September, which will run until early January for the February 2015 intake. Some of these campaigns reflect collaboration between the Faculty and MER (notably new programs for which the Provost has allocated additional funding), whilst all other campaigns have been developed within Faculty. Promotional materials have been placed in a range of journals - both in hard-copy and online - including The Australian College of Operating Room Nurses Journal; The Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing; The Australian Journal of Maternal, Child and Family Health Nurses Australia; The Renal Society of Australasia Journal; the New Zealand Nursing Review, and Response (the journal of Paramedics Australasia). We have listed specific programs on the Course Browsers of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences and the UK’s Nursing Times as well as running advertisements on these websites and on the website of Sport and Exercise Science New Zealand, whose conference we are also sponsoring in November.

Programs have also been promoted through concentrated and targeted digital medium, as reported below.

This year has seen numerous events within the Faculty of Health Sciences: we have sponsored/participated in over 25 external conferences/exhibitions, including the Australian College of Nursing exhibitions, the Australian Psychological Society Exhibition, the International Mental Health Conference; and the Postgraduate/MBA expos. Two ACU Clinical Schools have opened this year with a third - the Prince Charles Hospital (Brisbane) - opening in November. Specific marketing collateral has been produced for each of these events - branded conference satchel sponsorship, Faculty displays, satchel inserts, Faculty banners for Conference podiums, and promotion of courses in numerous conference programs. In addition, Faculty Marketing has coordinated over 40 ACU-based events and School-based events, including University Experience, 25 Years of Service events, Open Days, the Annual ‘Life Week’ public forum, the School of Psychology Conference, and most recently a series of Clinical Nursing information evenings to promote the ten online specialities in this program.

In late July/early August, the Faculty of Health Sciences undertook a comprehensive photo and video-shoot, piggy-backing on the back of the MER shoot. A diverse range of shoots was arranged: from individual staff photos, to interactive staff:student shots in a range of settings including in Brisbane: the Biomechanic labs, the Mater Clinical School, and the student-led Physiotherapy clinic; in North Sydney the Occupational Therapy apartment; and in Melbourne the Psychology clinics, the Exercise Science and Nursing labs as well as the simulation suites. We now have a great range of photos to add to our image bank. Many thanks to all staff who helped coordinate these shoots on behalf of their Schools, and to staff and students alike who so willingly took part in the shoots. These images have been distributed to Schools, but are also held within the Faculty Marketing team.

The University’s inaugural ‘Postgraduate Week’ takes place from 27th October - a week of ‘virtual advising’ for which academics across all Schools have volunteered to assist. Promotion of this important Week is underway - with prospective postgraduate students able to book appointments to speak directly with academic staff. To enhance attempts to promote a stimulating postgraduate culture at ACU, in collaboration with the Faculty of Law and Business and Executive Education, ‘executive boardroom dinners’ have been scheduled, both in North Sydney and in Melbourne in October. These are to be co-hosted by the Executive Deans of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Law and Business. Leading administrators and CEOs of major hospitals, healthcare organisations, business corporations and NGOs have been invited to these events as a way of showcasing the FHS academic profile and hopefully engaging prominent institutions to participate in mutually beneficial partnerships with the University.

Communication to prospective FHS Postgraduate students

This year we started sending fortnightly EDMs with discipline-specific messages to prospective students who had submitted a ‘Register Your Interest’ (RYI) form on the ACU website. Clinical Education Nursing, Clinical Nursing, Counselling and Psychology attract the highest number of registrations each fortnight (with approximately 10 to 15 fortnightly), followed by Clinical Exercise Physiology/ High Performance Sport and Social Work (approximately 5 to 10 fortnightly).

In addition, these prospective postgraduate students now receive a quarterly Faculty Postgraduate eNewsletter. The purpose of these eNewsletters is to provide an update on Faculty news, events and achievements, and to showcase new postgraduate programs. Issue 1 was distributed to 250 prospective students in May. Issue 2 was distributed to 570 prospective students in August and Issue 3 is scheduled for November.

Upcoming Change of Preference (COP) Events 

The COP Information sessions held on ACU campuses are key to assisting prospective higher education students to reconsider their Undergradaute course preferences and to choose the right course for them. These sessions provide an opportunity for students and parents to speak directly with current students and academics before students have to commit to their final preference ordering with QTAC, UAC and VTAC.

The dates have been added to the Marketing Teamspace Events Calendar.

Schools have been advised about these sessions and asked to confirm staffing. In the meantime, any queries about these events should be directed to:

BallaratWednesday 17th December 20146:00pm - 7.30pmConnors Centre
BrisbaneMonday 22nd December 20143.30pm - 7.00pmNA.06/07
CanberraThursday 18th December 20145:30pm - 7:00pmB10, Blackfriars Building
MelbourneTuesday 16th December 20142:00pm - 6:00pmDaniel Mannix Building
North SydneyTuesday 6th January 20159:00am - 3:00pmVarious
StrathfieldTuesday 6th January 20159:00am - 3:00pmGleeson atrium

FHS website

We have been exceptionally busy over the last 10 months with all things digital.  A number of websites have been built, and others revamped including those of: the Psychology Clinics for both Brisbane and Melbourne, Brisbane’s Physiotherapy Clinic, the Continuity of Care Experience (CCE) website for the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine, the School of Psychology’s Cognition and Emotion Research Lab website, and a start has been made on the ACU Health Clinics websites.

The homepage tiles have been rotated successfully each month, and it is fabulous to see the Schools have really come on board with this initiative. Through these tiles, we have showcased achievements, interesting stories, student profiles and program updates from all of our six schools. In addition, we have uploaded 31 news stories to the Faculty News pages.

Social Media

We're currently running an unprecedented number of social media campaigns following the success of our digital campaigns in 2013.


We're running campaigns on Google adwords and Facebook (advertising and promoted posts) for the Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Social Work and the Bachelor of Paramedicine (North Sydney).


We're running campaigns on Google adwords, LinkedIn and Facebook (advertising) for Rehabilitation, Paramedicine, Mental Health, Healthcare Simulation Education, Psychology, High Performance Sport as well as the online specialties in Clinical Nursing.

Social Media ad image for newsletter 

These campaigns aim to build awareness and generate interest in our new and updated courses for entry in Semester 1, 2015.

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