Marketing Team Update

Marketing Team Update

Faculty of Health Sciences Website

Website Statistics
The School of Psychology, the School of Science and Social Work courses were brought over to the Faculty of Health Sciences website on January 16 2014, creating the largest faculty website at ACU. As a result of this, as well as greater web based activity, our online stats have seen some very positive results. In fact, we almost doubled our visitor and unique visitor numbers from last year, 6653 visits were recorded in February 2014, compared with 3691 visits in February 2013. Page views also increased by over 17,000 in February 2014.

Homepage tile rotation
At the beginning of March 2014 we opened up the 2nd and 3rd tile slot on our Health Sciences homepage for each of the Schools to utilise on a rotational basis. A schedule was devised for the year and the tiles are to be updated monthly. Schools within the Faculty can use the tiles to promote any message they would like; new courses, under-performing courses, course specialisations, research outputs, a student or academic’s achievement. During March we showcased course specialisations for the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine which received 105 unique page views, as well as a Graduate profile for the School of Physiotherapy which received 61 unique pageviews. 

Social Media update 

Don’t forget to make use of the ACU social media platforms. The ACU Facebook page now has 32,475 likes, that’s a huge audience to hit at absolutely no cost. There are also paid social media advertising opportunities through Facebook promoted posts, Facebook Advertising, Linkedin and Google Adwords. If there is anything you would like to promote, or social media opportunities you would like to explore please don’t hesitate to email

Recent Social Media Posts

  • Are you a paramedic looking to up skill? From 2015 ACU will offer postgraduate courses in Paramedicine! Applications open August - More. This post received 45 likes, and 4 comments.
  • Are you female, aged 18 – 40 years, in Brisbane and suffering shin pain? We need volunteers for a study investigating the use of ankle taping and hip/foot exercises for the management of shin pain. Participants will receive 6 weeks free physiotherapy treatment - MoreThis post received 12 likes, and 1 share.
  • Advance your qualitative research skills! If you're a student, academic or professional interested in qualitative research and want to improve your skills in research or applying for grants, register for our workshops taking place in May 2014 - MoreThis post received 9 likes, and 1 comment.

Facebook Post Example

Register Your Interest

The current Register Your Interest (RYI) form on the ACU website allows us to gather very basic data on prospective postgraduate students. Those who have registered are sent a generic communication message, that informs potential students of postgraduate courses, new courses, the flexibility of our programs, the 10% alumni rebate and a postgraduate contact email for further enquiries. From 15 January to 14 March 2014, a total of 127 prospective students registered their interest in ‘Health Sciences’ and ‘Psychology and Social Sciences’ and were sent an EDM communication.

Available online soon, is a newly revamped RYI form. This form will allow us to gather more in-depth information on our prospective students, narrowing interests down to the course level. As a result, discipline-specific messages are currently being prepared and implemented, so that we can personalise our response message to each student based on their study interests.

Events planning and management

For an overview of events happening across the Faculty, please visit the Marketing Teamspace Events Calendar. Schools are requested to input all upcoming School events into this Calendar (mostly those involving both internal and external stakeholders - such as clinic seminars, workshops, book launches, visiting researchers’ lectures, and partner events) on a regular basis. Contact for assistance with event communications and promotions.

Key Student Recruitment Events

Advisory Days for career advisors and University Experience Days for high school students are fast approaching. Thank you to the various staff who have already confirmed their availability in hosting a presentation or running a session. We will be working closely with the Student Recruitment Team in Marketing and External Relations to ensure our Faculty is well represented at these key ACU events. Dates for all campuses are listed on the Marketing Teamspace Events Calendar.


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