Highlights of SVCNR & CvRC

Highlights of SVCNR & CvRC

St Vincent’s Centre for Nursing Research (SVCNR)


1) St Vincent’s Health Australia Quality Awards 2013

SVCNR project “Improving cardiac care for Aboriginal patients at St Vincent’s” won the Chairman’s award of Excellence in patient safety at St Vincent’s Health Australia Quality Awards 2013 which was held on 16 October 2013. Professor Linda Worrall-Carter, Ms Karen Daws and Ms Amanda Punch represented the research team at these awards.

SVCNR worked with Mission at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, the Heart Foundation, Department of Health Victoria and the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service on this collaborative project. The project involved an Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer and a cardiac nurse working together model to focus on patient and cultural safety and aimed to improve the care of Aboriginal patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) through collection of specific data and care co-ordination. The project demonstrated significant scope for improved care of Aboriginal patients with ACS and provides baseline data for further studies.

2) Clinical Research Course for Nurses 2013

SVCNR along with ACU /St Vincent’s Private Melbourne Nursing Research unit (NRU) hosted a Clinical Research Course for Nurses at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. This course introduces nurses to the world of research and provides them with a basic understanding of the research process. The course covers important topics such as importance of research for nurses, formulating a research question, method and data analysis, ethical issues to be considered for research and publishing your research. The course received a great response with about 60 people enrolling for it and it was held over five sessions throughout October and November at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

Clinical Research Course for Nurses 

Professor Linda Worrall-Carter and Dr Aziz Rahman presenting at Clinical Research Course for Nurses 2013. 

3) PhD Graduation

Dr Elizabeth Scruth, PhD student at SVCNR graduated at ACU's 2013 Melbourne graduation ceremony held in October at the Cathedral Hall at St Patrick’s Campus. Dr Scruth was a part-time PhD Student based in California, USA researching on the validation and predictability of secondary cardiovascular risk assessment tools in women with acute coronary syndrome. Dr Scruth’s recent publication entitled “Gender and secondary risk assessment following an ST-elevation myocardial infarction” was featured as a research highlight on the Kaiser Permanente - North California, USA website. This publication was a part of Dr Scruth’s PhD research with SVCNR.

PhD Graduation 

(L-R): Dr Aziz Rahman, Professor Michelle Campbell, Dr Elizabeth Scruth and Professor Linda Worrall-Carter at Dr Scruth’s PhD graduation ceremony. 

4) 2013 Australasian Cochrane Symposium

Dr Aziz Rahman and Ms Samantha McEvedy presented a poster on “A systematic review investigating the impact of risk stratification on fewer angiograms amongst women compared to men with acute coronary syndromes” at the 2013 Australasian Cochrane Symposium, which was held at the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct Education Centre at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne in November 2013.

5) Publication

Dr Aziz Rahman published his first book on “Smokeless tobacco and coronary heart disease: risks among non-smokers in Bangladesh”. This book features comprehensive overview and epidemiological studies on use of smokeless tobacco and coronary heart disease from Bangladesh perspective. 

6) World Congress of Cardiology (WCC) 4-7 May 2014

The WCC Scientific Sessions held by the World Heart Federation is in Melbourne this year and will be held from 4-7 May. These sessions are a global platform for cardiovascular disease experts and public health professionals to share knowledge and network with their peers. World leading experts in cardiology will be presenting their knowledge at these sessions. Professor Linda Worrall-Carter has been nominated to be topic group leader on Nursing / Allied health / CV rehabilitation.

Four abstracts from SVCNR have accepted and will be presented as poster presentation at these sessions.

7) Australasian Cardiovascular Nursing College Conference 2014

Ms Christine Wright was awarded a travel grant for the 2014 Australasian Cardiovascular Nursing College Conference (ACNC) that was held on the Gold Coast in February 2014. She presented on “A Survey Investigating the Smoking Prevalence and Quitting Behaviour in a Cohort of Cardiovascular Prevention Clinic Patients at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne” and won the first prize for the best abstract presentation.

8) St Vincent’s Scrubs Run 2014

SVCNR participated in the St Vincent’s Scrubs run which was held on Sunday 2 March 2014. The event was a 5 km walk or run and was held at the beautiful leafy Yarra Boulevard that runs alongside the Yarra River in Melbourne. It is a family event and included live music, food stalls and a fancy dress theme. Funds raised for this event will be used for much needed treatment & research at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. From the SVCNR team Professor Linda Worrall-Carter, Dr Aziz Rahman, Ms Tara O’Shea, Ms Samantha McEvedy and Ms Laura Montgomery participated this year.

St Vincent's Scrubs Run 2014  

L-R: Dr Rahman, Ms O’Shea, Professor Worrall-Carter, Ms Montgomery and Ms McEvedy at the St Vincent’s Scrubs run. 

Cardiovascular Research Centre (CvRC)


1) St Vincent’s Heart Centre opening

St Vincent’s Heart Centre is located at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and opened on 6 November 2013. The Heart Centre provides a new ‘state of the art’ facility for all outpatient ambulatory cardiac diagnostic and privatised consultative services. St Vincent’s Heart Centre aspires to become a world class facility which offers the latest technology and procedures while integrating clinical care, education, research and preventative health all under the one roof. The Heart Centre was officially opened on 13 November by Deputy Premier Peter Ryan and the Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart DD, who also conducted a blessing of the clinical area.

2) Media coverage

a) Adjunct Professor David Prior was interviewed for the article “The heart of the matter” about how the heart functions in elite athletes. The article appeared in The Age on November 7.

b) David was also featured in the Dec 2013 - Jan 2014 Ride On magazine from Bicycle Network where he spoke about how he combines work and bike riding. In this article he discusses how his passion for bike riding shaped his professional career over the years and how his current research correlates to sports.

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