Marketing Update

Marketing Update

School of Allied Health

The School of Allied Health is starting to focus on its online presence. They have begun to revamp their web pages and have started to put copy together for a number of new pages and research projects. In addition, the School has also trialled the Faculties’ first Facebook paid advertising. A ‘promoted post’ was used to promote the school on August 29-30. It was a successful campaign, reaching 12,224 people and receiving 203 clicks through to the schools pages on the ACU website. The cost of the ad was only $57, which resulted in an impressive $0.23 cost per click.

Facebook ad 29 – 30 August

Allied Health Stats

School of Exercise Science

The School of Exercise Science has also been looking at improving its online presence. It has revamped a number of its web pages, with a particular focus on the School’s research pages.

The Master of High Performance Sport, the University’s new flag ship course has done exceptionally well as a result of its online activity. Since the start of April the High Performance Sport landing page has received 3,762 page views, 3,124 unique page views, average time on page of 00:3:33 and 2,686 entrances.

Professor Justin Kemp, Dr Stuart Cormack and Dr Craig Duncan have also been extremely active in using social media – Twitter, Facebook and more recently blog pages as a platform for promoting the course.

Before the setup of the Master of High Performance Sport twitter account Craig and Stuart were using their own personal twitter accounts to promote the new course. As well-known and credible thought-leaders in the industry they already had a huge following. The twitter audience’s response to the new course was met with excitement and high interest. This brought about the decision to launch an ACU MHPS Twitter and Facebook account, specifically dedicated to the course. The twitter account has already received 234 followers, and the Facebook account 35 likes.

The ACU Facebook and Twitter accounts were also used to promote the course. A post was featured on the ACU Facebook page on May 7 where it reached 4,788 people and received 15 ‘likes’. It was also the source of 88 unique page views on the Master of High Performance Sport landing page. The ACU Twitter account also generated 6 clicks to the High Performance Sport landing page.

The course has also been promoted in the July and October editions of Activate, the journal of Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA), through their eNews in July and September, in the Autumn and Winter editions of the journal of The British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences (BASES) and on the BASES Course Browser, and was promoted gratis on the Members’ Forum of the European College of Sports Science who also tweeted about the course to its followers.

Master of Mental Health

The Master of Mental Health has also taken a digital approach to marketing. A page for the Master of Mental Health was created on the Faculty’s news page as a temporary measure to promote the course until it was approved at Senate and able to sit on the ACU course browser.  Since the middle of June the page has received 852 page views, 689 unique page views, an average time on page of 00:2:50 and 407 entrances.

A Facebook campaign for the Master of Mental Health was launched in early September to coincide with various conferences being sponsored by the Faculty. This campaign also generated successful results. The ‘promoted post’ reached 24,410 Facebookers and received 324 clicks. The ‘standard ad’ reached an incredible 37,000 Facebookers and received 177 clicks. The promoted posts cost per click was $0.31 and the standard ad cost per click $0.71.

Facebook standard ad 2–9 September

Mental Health Stats

Facebook promoted post 10-11 September

Mental Health Stats 2

We are also looking at the possibility of Google ad words, advertising on Linked in and more social media advertising for the Master of Mental Health.

The course has also been promoted in the August, October and December editions of The Queensland Nurse, the journal for the Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union, and in the September, October and November editions of The Lamp.  In addition, Conference satchel inserts were sponsored at the Victorian Collaborative Psychiatric Nursing Conference which took place in August in Melbourne, and at the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses International Mental Health Nursing Conference, to take place in Perth in October.

Sarah Hatton and Samantha Ridgewell

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