Associate Dean and Team (Learning and Teaching)

Associate Dean and Team (Learning and Teaching)

C4LTH Team: Professor Sally Borbasi, Paula Williams, Natalie Gamble, Stephen Guinea, Paul McDonald, Wai-Leng Wong.

It gives us great pleasure to provide an update for the current edition of the FHS newsletter. We have lots of exciting things to report and welcome the opportunity to wish you all the best for the rest of the year. Well done for all your efforts so far on what has been a busy and challenging academic year.

Sally returns to work, albeit more slowly with a new hip, and offers sincere thanks to Associate Professor Karen Flowers for her excellent caretaking of the ADL&T role.

In terms of the Centre for Learning and Teaching Health (C4LTH), we have had a number of successes of late, as follows:

Mr Stephen Guinea has received an OLT Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning for his work supporting staff who use simulation pedagogy.

Staff from FHS are team members of three successful ACU teaching development grants, as follows:

  • “Does the presence of a mental health consumer on the examining panel enhance student engagement in learning?” – Alexandra Logan and Prof Christine Imms (Project Leaders)
  • “Developing, implementing and evaluating a pedagogical model to promote interprofessional learning (IPL) and practice capabilities within undergraduate FHS students” – Prof Sally Borbasi and Natalie Gamble (Project Leaders) with Jo Grainger, Jennie Robinson, Paul McDonald, Dr Jane Morrow, Amy Brown, Dr David Good, Dr Geraldine Bricker-Katz and Assoc Prof Shawn Somerset (Team Members)
  • “Assessing the impact of English Language Standards interventions in undergraduate Health programs” – Donna Cook and Ann Majkut (Project Leaders, ACU International and Academic Skills) with Natalie Gamble, Prof Sally Borbasi, Dr Matt Sweeney, Mandy El Ali and Dr Diane Jacobs (Team Members)

Other project work currently ongoing in the learning and teaching space include:

  • Redesign Project (NRSG367)
  • Development of four new postgraduate programs:
    o Master of High Performance Sport (first offering Sem 1 2014)
    o Master of Mental Health (first offering Sem 1 2014)
    o Master of Rehabilitation (first offering Sem 1 2015)
    o Master of Paramedicine (first offering Sem 1 2015)
  • Moderation of Assessment
  • First Year Retention Project
  • HWA InCH Project (case studies and simulated learning environments)

Staff are strongly encouraged to promote the new postgraduate offerings – please contact Sarah Hatton for marketing material should you be attending a relevant conference or networking event in the near future.

Resources produced through the Moderation of Assessment Teaching Development Grant have been taken up at an ACU level. The ‘Quick Guide to Consensus Moderation’ was awarded a prize in late 2012, and will become a university-endorsed resource. In addition, we have been able to resource a number of workshops that will enable staff to understand and utilise Adobe Connect as a tool to facilitate national consensus moderation. We are pleased at the number of responses we have received so far to attend these important training sessions – so far, we have more than 70 staff who have registered to participate across the faculty.

We are gearing up for our third annual ‘Simulation in Health Education Showcase’, to be held at the Melbourne campus on Monday 25 November. The program is being finalised at present, and registrations will open shortly for this free event, sponsored by Laerdal.

We are currently coordinating the nomination through Heads of Schools of staff for ACU teaching awards. These are an important component of building scholarship of learning and teaching, and are recognition of the hard work of many individuals in terms of teaching excellence.

Don’t forget there are still a number of engaging and topical workshops scheduled for the remainder of this year. Keep an eye out for calendar invitations with the details.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of many of the Faculty staff to the work of C4LTH, particularly those associated with the teaching development grants and learning and teaching working parties, but also to those who participate in workshops, focus groups and other activities we offer in an effort to build capacity and expertise across the Faculty.

Congratulations to everyone who takes teaching and learning to heart!

We are now preparing to enact the Futures Project that is taking place across the University, and to welcome staff from the Faculty of Arts and Science as new members of the Faculty of Health Sciences's teaching and learning community. We look forward to working with them, and to their being assimilated into the learning and teaching work of this Faculty.

Professor Sally Borbasi

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