Head of School, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine

Head of School, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine

By Professor Mary Courtney


Congratulations are in order for some recent major achievements in the School:

1. Brownyn Gordon has successfully completed her PhD… Congratulations Bronwyn.   She has also been recently appointed as the new Postgraduate Course Coordinator in Sydney.
2. Rose McMaster and team (Susan Gilbert; Elizabeth Cleary; Robyn Rosina) were successful in their grant submission to the Western Interdisciplinary Clinical Training Network (ICTN) under the NSW Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) . The 6 month  project is titled:  “Clinical Supervision: A future focused on quality” - $31,651.20.  Large numbers of high calibre applications were received so excellent effort by the team.
3. Paula Schulz and team (Sue Kildea, Gail Baker, Leigh Davis, Machellee Kosiak, and Denise Burdett-Jones) were successful in their grant submission to the Queensland Regional Training Networks (QRTN), Clinical Training Placements (CTP) Innovation Project - to provide additional opportunity for Indigenous midwifery students from rural and remote areas, who are undertaking Bachelor of Midwifery (Indigenous Away from Base (BMIAFB) course, to undertake clinical placement in a tertiary setting - $167,257.   This was a highly competitive process so excellent effort by the team.
4. Sandy Middleton has been invited to sit on the “Stroke Topic Working Group” of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.  This is a very high profile appointment so well done Sandy.
5. Sharon Liquirish was awarded an ACU Research Award for Academic Women - $12,000. This is a terrific opportunity. Well done Sharon.
6. Roger Lord was accepted as an Associate Member of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) which is in recognition of scientists who have attained the status of “Senior Scientist”.  This is a prestigious achievement and excellent example of external recognition of the quality of research work undertaken by Roger at ACU.
7. Tracey McDonald was recently appointed the Professorial representative on the FHS Faculty Board for a period of 2 years. Thankyou Tracey for this contribution to the Faculty.

I would like to officially extend a warm welcome to the new staff who are joining the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine in 2013. 

Please join with me in welcoming and congratulating the following staff on their recent appointments and continuing positions..

Brisbane Campus
Mr Adam Burston, Lecturer in Nursing
Ms Samantha Howard, Lecturer in Nursing
Dr Min-Lin (Winnie) Wu, Lecturer in Nursing
Dr Lynne Dunne, Lecturer in Midwifery (0.5)
Ms Joclyn Neal,  Lecturer in Midwifery (0.5)
Mr Andrew Bell,  Lecturer in Paramedicine
Mr John Latham, Lecturer in Paramedicine
Ms Anita Westwood, Lecturer in Paramedicine

Canberra  Campus
Dr Elaine Jefford, Senior Nursing Lecturer and Assistant Head of School ACT
Ms Peta Gale, Lecturer in Nursing  (transferring from Ballarat – to commence 4 February)  (0.8)
Ms Chitra (Christine) Connell, Lecturer in Nursing – to commence 11 February
Mr Cameron Peake, Lecturer in Nursing – to commence 11 February
Mr Martin Rabb, Lecturer in Paramedicine, Secondment from CT Ambulance Service – to commence 11 February (0.5)

Melbourne and Ballarat Campuses
Ms Cath Wright, Lecturer in Midwifery
Mr Tim Bonser, Lecturer in Paramedicine
Ms Amy Brown,  Lecturer in Paramedicine, Ballarat (0.6) and Melbourne (0.4)
Mr Heath Gangell, Lecturer in Paramedicine – commencing 4 February
Ms Mary Huynh, Lecturer in Nursing (0.6) – commencing 4 February
Ms Jo Rihs (0.5) and Ms Nancy Zhang (0.4), Lecturers in Nursing -  replacing Alysia Coventry (Maternity Leave) – to commence 4 February
Ms Alison Hansen (0.5), Lecturer in Nursing, replacing Bridget Laging (Maternity Leave) – to commence 4 February
Mr Ronald Trejo (FT), Lecturer in Nursing,  replacing Jean Mukasa (Parental Leave) – to commence 4 February
Ms Tracey Gamble (0.6) on a special project assisting Ailish Gill to develop the Uni Step Up Program – to commence 4 February
Mr Mat Walsh, Lecturer in Nursing - will be at Ballarat Campus (0.6) and Melbourne Campus (0.4) – as of 21 January

Congratualtions to the 'Building research capacity in vascular dementia and telehealth' research team. They have been awarded $15,000 for an ACU University Research Support Team (RST) grant.

"Building research capacity in vascular dementia and telehealth". Team members include: Prof Colleen Doyle, Prof Mary Courtney, Dr Rosemary Ford, Dr Jenneke Foottit, Dr Winnie Wu, Mr David Jackson.

Dementia and cardiovascular disease are both Australian national health priorities. About 250,000 Australians have dementia and 60,000 have strokes each year. Vascular dementia is dementia caused by small strokes. While Alzheimer's Disease is the biggest cause of dementia, vascular dementia is the second leading cause. Our project aims to build research capacity of our team through publications, research presentations and funding applications. At the same time we aim to give family carers support to understand how to prevent further strokes, how to manage symptoms of dementia, and how to look after their own health.


Professor Mary Courtney

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