Associate Dean (Research)

Associate Dean (Research)

By Professor Janet Hiller


Research Conversations series

An exciting series has been planned for 2013.  The Semester 1 program has been distributed with its focus on research funding – particularly NHMRC Partnership Grants and ARC Linkage Grants, as well as NHMRC people support (Fellowships, Post-docs etc).  Our program for 2012 focussed on building links around common research activity across States and Schools.  This year we are going to focus on skills development.  The Semester 1 program should help prime our researchers for preparing grant applications during the second half of the year.  All sessions should be videotaped and made available on the Faculty website.  Increasingly access to Faculty research funding schemes will be linked to participation in this and other research-focused activities provided by the Faculty.  The first session will be held on Thursday February 21 at 3:30pm.

Review of the Masters of Nursing Research, Masters of Midwifery Research and (in part) Masters of Exercise Science Research

These three degrees are designed to provide a pathway to research for candidates who have neither an honours degree nor research experience.  They contain research training modules as well as a thesis.  The degrees are being reviewed by a committee with representation from each school, past and current students, external academics and industry.  The review is timely given the growth of the Faculty with new disciplines coming on board all of which are considering the best way to provide a bridge to research for their graduates.  The first meeting of this committee is later in February and we hope to have recommendations available before the end of Semester 1.

Faculty-wide University Priority Research Centre

Towards the end of 2012 discussions took place about re-crafting the existing University Priority Research Centre (NaCCOR) to reflect the changing research profile of the Faculty and to ensure engagement of all areas of research strength in enhancing the Faculty’s research impact.  During 2013, research themes will be articulated that capture our strongest research areas that will complement ACU’s strategy for the next round of ERA (in 2015).  This is an exciting opportunity for the faculty in articulating what research it wishes to be known for.

Research Handbook

The ADR office is drafting a handbook full of information about research at ACU (where to go, what’s available etc) for new (and not so new) staff members.  The second draft is under review and we hope to get the final draft out to the Faculty soon.

Research Training

Now that Dr George Mnatzaganian has joined the ADR office we have the capacity to provide more research training targeting staff and students based at each campus.  We will keep you posted as plans unfold. 


Many of you may be wondering what is happening with the Collaborative Research Network grant that was awarded to ACU together with the University of Melbourne, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and the O’Brien Centre.  The contract is now sitting with the government having been reviewed by ACU’s legal team.  Until the final sign off we are not in a position to introduce any of the planned research support and development activities that were planned.

Professor Janet Hiller

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