Opening of the Calvary Clinical School

Opening of the Calvary Clinical School

ACU and Calvary Health Care ACT have established a new facility, Calvary Clinical School, to provide clinical placements and career opportunities for the University's nursing and allied health students.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Greg Craven is confident the Calvary Clinical School will produce immediate benefits for the health students.

"Through the Calvary Clinical School our students will have the chance to consistently consider and apply their learning in a range of clinical settings on the Calvary Bruce campus," said Professor Craven.

"I am sure these placements will enable each student to identify areas of particular interest to them, and our course offer the flexibility and variety to enable students to select study units that relate to their specific interests.

"I am also confident that through the establishment of the Calvary Clinical School we will be able to involve a variety of Calvary's experienced clinicians  and health managers in activities such as guest lecturing, tutoring and student mentoring roles. This will enrich our health courses, and foster productive relationships that represent the proud heritage and history of Catholic health care and education in Australia."

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