Message from Associate Dean Learning and Teaching

Message from Associate Dean Learning and Teaching

There is such a lot happening in the learning and teaching space and as we move into the new academic year, it is indeed an exciting time. You will have experienced the introduction of the University's new LEO which offers a number of benefits for engaging students and enriching the quality of the student experience through interactive learning activities. The integration of different modes of delivery, models of teaching, and styles of learning through strategic and systematic use of technology, combined with the best features of face-to-face interaction better known as blended learning  is a pedagogical approach the University is promoting. Watch this space! You will be seeing more and more about this as LEO's potential becomes more apparent.

Another important development for the FHS is the establishment of its very own Centre for Learning and Teaching Health (C4LTH) comprising a team of staff to assist in enhancing the quality of learning and teaching  within the Faculty's courses. In today's fast paced and increasingly diverse environment the need to engage our students, develop new approaches to learning and teaching and meet the educational needs of our stakeholders into the future has never been greater. The establishment of C4LTH is timely as we enter this new and highly competitive era in higher education and rapid growth in our student numbers and range of courses we offer. To be successful in such a dynamic environment the Faculty recognises the need for transformation and innovation in many of its traditional ways of learning and teaching. C4LTH will work collaboratively with FHS academic staff and students, the University LTC, the Higher Education and health sectors and the wider community to promote L&T that is based on sound principles, pedagogy, practice and scholarship. The work of C4LTH is made easier because we are working off a solid base, thanks to you and your efforts in providing the kind of top quality educational experience our students deserve. Keep up the good work and together we can quality improve and enhance while drawing on the many new developments in 21st century higher education practice. 

We look forward to working with you again this year.

C4LTH will be officially launched on Wednesday 9th May following Academic Board in North Sydney.

Sally Borbasi

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