Message from Associate Dean Research

Message from Associate Dean Research

Recent months have been full of activity on the University's ERA submission. For the first time, ACU will be evaluated for its research quality in Human Movement and Sports Science, Public Health and Health Services and in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences. It will be our second evaluation in Nursing where we are hoping to improve on our score from the 2010 evaluation. We have also been providing support and feedback to applicants for ARC and NHMRC grant support. Staff should avail themselves of quality peer review and feedback that is available via the ADR office for all applications for external funding. In addition I would like to remind you of the access we all have to a biostatistician - Professor Jenny Peat (appointments to be made via the NaCCOR office) and a new announcement of access to a health economist Dr Afzali (cv and appointments via my office).

We have organised an exciting research conversations series for 2012 on the theme "Getting to know you" where researchers from different Schools and locations will present on a common theme. To encourage attendance, applicants for faculty research grants will demonstrate their engagement with the intellectual life of the faculty by attendance at a substantial proportion of these seminars (except for applicants off campus).

Other plans for this include review of our research masters programs and of our support and management of all of our HDRs. I encourage all staff appointed to research and teaching or research only posts, to complete their supervision training and to register on ReXR (the ACU register of research expertise). You can register by searching for "ReXR" on the ACU website, logging in and following instructions (or by emailing for more details)
Looking forward to meeting you throughout the year.

Janet Hiller

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