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Get to know...

Professor Christine Imms is the newly appointed Professor of Occupational Therapy and Head of the School of Allied and Public Health. Christine brings over 17 years as a practicing occupational therapist in Australia and Canada and more than 12 years as a researcher/academic to this new and exciting role at ACU. She was most recently employed in the Department of Occupational Therapy at La Trobe University and at The Royal Children's Hospital, where she continues to hold an honorary research affiliation. In addition to occupational therapy curriculum development & implementation responsibilities at undergraduate and post graduate levels, Christine has supervised 19 honours and higher degree students (15 completed, 4 current), two of whom have received awards for their research from OT Australia, the National professional organisation.

Christine has a received a number of academic distinctions including the receipt of competitively gained scholarships through her undergraduate as well as Master's and Doctoral research programs. Her track record includes 34 peer reviewed journal publications, with a further five under review, a co-edited book (recently translated to Japanese), 10 book chapters and over $1 million in research grants. Christine is a frequent speaker at conferences including eight international conferences in the past 5 years, in three of which she has been an invited speaker.

Christine's research has focused on investigating and enhancing the effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions and on understanding the participation patterns and experiences of disabled children and youth. Her research has predominantly been in the field of paediatric cerebral palsy and includes development and investigation of outcome measures to ensure their validity and reliability for use in research and practice, and investigation of the effectiveness of specific occupational therapy interventions alone or in combination with allied interventions. The impact of her research is evident in growing citation rates and by international invitations to present her work.

When not busy at work, Christine enjoys time at home in the never-ending renovators' delight called home with husband, Wes, and three children, (well one child - Lachlan - and two adult offspring - Tyson & Phoebe), the dog and two cats. But we'd all rather be sailing, and when we can manage it disappear to the family yacht in Tasmania for some well-earned escapism.

Professor Christine Imms

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