Professional Practice Coordinators

The Professional Practice Coordinators are your first point of contact should you have any questions or concerns regarding placement.

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Brisbane - Amanda Dearden

Melbourne - Anne Clark (National Coordinator)

Strathfield - Jenni Woodhouse

Melbourne - Christian Pitcher

Strathfield - Michael Psarakis (National Coordinator)

Brisbane - Matt Sweeney

Melbourne - Bianca Share and Anthony Whitty (National Coordinator)

Strathfield - Kerrie Basclain

Brisbane - Gail Baker (National Coordinator)

Melbourne - Jane Morrow and Cath Wright

Ballarat - Rett Quinney

Brisbane - Gail Baker

Canberra - Constance Ryan

Melbourne - Nicole Blakey

North Sydney - Susan Gilbert (National Coordinator)

National Coordinator - Loretta Sheppard

Brisbane - Wendy Stevens

Melbourne - Claire Lynch

North Sydney - Catherine Andrew

Ballarat -

Brisbane - Anita Westwood, Marc Colbeck and Sharni Lavell

Canberra - Shane Lenson (National Coordinator)

Melbourne - Georgia Clarkson

Brisbane - Julie Gauchwin

North Sydney - Wendy Annable (National Coordinator)

Brisbane - Jane Scott

Melbourne - Sarah Stewart (National Coordinator)

Strathfield - Ewa Geba

National Coordinator - Shawn Somerset

Brisbane - Michelle Marrington

Canberra - Michael Adu Adjei and Wendy Rollins (National Coordinator)

Strathfield - Deb Boswell

Brisbane - Erin Conway and Kieran Flanagan

Melbourne - Simone Arnott (National Coordinator)

North Sydney - Wendy Pearce