Developing Learning Goals

The establishment of clear and realistic learning goals, opportunities for skill and knowledge acquisition and access to regular constructive feedback are hallmarks of success on placement.  It is critical that any matters of concern are responded to in a timely manner, allowing the student the opportunity to develop and demonstrate capacity and competence.

Opportunities for learning identified

Students are required to demonstrate specific skills and knowledge during placement and developing the learning plan is a critical first step for students and supervisors. The learning plan clearly documents the mutually agreed upon learning objectives and goals of the placement and provides a framework for student learning and assessment. It clearly outlines the learning activities students will undertake to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Developing the learning plan is a cooperative effort between you and your student. You may find it helpful to think about some of the following options for your student:

  • Are there any specific projects that your student could work on?
  • Is there potential to buddy your student with a new graduate or another staff member for informal mentoring?
  • Are there opportunities to working in different parts of the organization to experience different situations?

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