Assessing Learning

Assessment helps us arrive at a conclusion about a student's levels of performance, and therefore must be evidence based. Assessment is multifaceted and requires an accumulation of data and evidence about performance over a period of time, in a range of situations.

Assessment is important in measuring to what degree students have been able to effectively put their knowledge into practice. Each discipline has a different set of assessment tools to assist with this process. Many of the assessments are standardised according to Professional Guidelines.

Students' performance on placement is assessed to:

  • ensure they have fulfilled the requirements of the particular professional practice unit of study and course; and
  • to satisfy the requirements of external, national registration and accreditation bodies.

Most placements will have both an interim and final assessment. Assessments are usually completed by you in collaboration with the student.

Each discipline has specific assessment requirements and tools. Please visit the Discipline Specific Resources for information relating to your discipline area.

Please visit the ACU Assessment Policy and Assessment Procedures for more information regarding assessment principles.

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