Properties and Facilities Service Standards

Service standards are an important element of service excellence and a critical step in achieving our service excellence goal.

In the first step of a phased approach to releasing service standards to the ACU community, Properties & Facilities Management will pilot service standards in the first quarter of 2017. During the pilot, staff will be encouraged to provide feedback on the standards and their experiences of the services outlined in the standards.

Please send your feedback to

Cleaning services (standard to be met at least 90% of the time over a year)

  • Teaching spaces and student areas will be vacuumed daily, furniture repositioned and rubbish removed.
  • Staff amenity spaces will be cleaned to specification daily.
  • Staff office spaces and internal meeting rooms will have rubbish removed daily and cleaned to specification weekly.

First Aid Kits (to be fully stocked at least twice a year)

  • First Aid Kits will be provided within the workplace and replenished no less than quarterly.

Fleet vehicles (all maintenance and registration information complete)

  • Ensure that all vehicles are serviced, maintained and cleaned weekly and in accordance with service intervals.

Meeting room support (at least 95% of clients satisfied or very satisfied with outcome of meeting room/event request)

  • Specified requests for preferred room configuration, directional signage and requested catering completely met.

Managing service requests (standard to be met at least 95% of the time over a year)

  • A lodged Concierge Service Request will be acknowledged within 15 minutes of lodgement.

Managing service requests (requests to be completed in timeframes advised to requester at least 90% of the time)

  • A work request will be completed within the timeframe advised to the requester.