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Audit assists ACU in water efficiency

taps in the ACu studen bathroom

The Properties Directorate recently completed an audit of its water appliances at every campus. This audit was part of an ongoing effort by Properties to maintain ACU’s position as one of Australia’s most water-efficient universities.


The water audit was the first audit of its kind at ACU. It involved checking the condition and logging the rate at which water flows from every one of ACU’s taps, urinals, showers and toilets. Properties will use the results to improve its knowledge of how and where water is used on each campus, and to find ways to reduce water consumption in the future.


Compared to most other Australian universities, ACU consumes a very low amount of water per square meter of floor space. The reasons for this include the absence of the water-intensive research laboratories found at many other Universities, but also the sound decisions made over many years to gradually install water-efficient taps and toilets at each campus.


The water audit found that most of ACU’s water appliances are reasonably efficient, and appliances in our newest buildings are highly efficient. The auditors made recommendations to upgrade or replace around 30% of water appliances to improve their water-efficiency, with minor upgrades to taps accounting for 90% of the recommended upgrades or replacements. The audit found no appliances in need of urgent upgrade or replacement.


Properties will now review how the audit recommendations can be included in its plans for 2014 and beyond.