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Sustainability update

The Properties Directorate has a range of projects underway that will deliver substantial cuts to the University's energy and water consumption, increase its recycling rate, and provide greener and more efficient buildings. Some of the more significant projects are outlined below:

Energy conservation

An audit is underway that will deliver a highly detailed understanding of the way the University consumes electricity and natural gas, while identifying cost-efficient approaches to reduce energy consumption. This will include a range of short and long-term projects to lower the financial and environmental cost of the University's energy consumption.

Meanwhile, the Directorate's Campus Operations teams continue to find ways to eliminate energy waste. Over the recent Christmas-New Year period, Campus Operations cut the University's energy consumption by more than 60% compared to the previous semester break.

Recycling and waste

Campus Operations have continued the roll out of recycling bins, with bin installation complete in Melbourne, North Sydney, Strathfield and Canberra. Recent waste audits showed that the majority of students and staff could correctly identify recyclable items. While there is room for improvement, we are on track to reach ACU's strategic recycling goal of 20% by 2014. Brisbane also currently has a project underway that will result in 500 cubic meters of its own garden waste being recycled, instead of being sent to landfill.

Sustainable refurbishment of the Melbourne Library

The Properties Directorate worked closely with Woods Bagot architects to include a wide range of sustainability features in the redeveloped Melbourne Library. See our Melbourne Library article for more details. 

The Daniel Mannix Building (TDMB)

The 6-Star Daniel Mannix Building in Melbourne is a prime example of sustainable infrastructure. In the last few months, the solar panels and wind turbines on the building have saved over $35,000 in energy costs. St Mary of the Cross Square, in front of TDMB, has also added another 30,000 litres of water tanks to the site, which provide water for the Square's trees and lawn.

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