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Partnering for success

Professor Jim Nyland Professor Nyland Associate Vice-Chancellor (Brisbane) enjoys a close working relationship with the Properties Directorate.

Much of the work done by the Properties Directorate involves collaboration with stakeholders throughout the University, particularly with Associate Vice-Chancellors (AVCs) and Campus Deans.

This collaboration is vital, as Properties work alongside the AVCs and Deans to achieve the same end goal – to provide top quality facilities for students and staff on all the ACU campuses.

Professor Jim Nyland Associate Vice-Chancellor (Brisbane) believes there is a very critical relationship between the AVCs, Campus Deans and Properties. He personally has a close working relationship with Properties. "Our two areas have always worked very collaboratively together in the past, and will continue to do so on master planning and future projects", he said. In particular, he appreciates the work that Properties does on space planning and utilisation systems, which is very important for supporting projects on the Brisbane Campus.

Dr Dana Skelin Acting Director of Properties agrees it is important that Properties, ACVs and Campus Deans maintain a close working relationship and work together to achieve ACU strategic goals.

Dr Skelin and Professor Nyland both look forward to further collaboration in the future, as new opportunities emerge to provide additional facilities in support of learning and teaching on the Brisbane Campus.

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