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North Sydney Chapel

The Chapel, completed in late 2012, is dedicated to Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, the patron of Catholic Universities around the world. It is designed in the traditional Romanesque style, which is an architectural style of Medieval Europe.

The main features of the Chapel are:

  • The corpus on the crucifix that hangs above the sanctuary, which is 16th century Flemish design
  • The Icon of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom that sits in the niche on the left hand side at the rear of the Chapel, which is 15th century Trent
  • The stained glass windows containing an image of Our Lady.

Landscaping, including a garden dedicated to Our Lady at the front of the Chapel and a courtyard and garden at the rear, provide a tranquil environment for quiet prayer and reflection for students and staff.

The Consecrations Mass for Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel was held on the 17th of December. Since then it has been used daily and plays an important role in meeting the spiritual needs of the University community.

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