Campus Concierge

Campus Concierge offers all staff, students, visitors and contractors a professional ‘one-stop-shop’ front desk.

Located on each campus, the Campus Concierge Liaison Manager provides assistance with:

  • guest and visitor liaison
  • maintenance, repair and property related requests
  • the shared service delivery of carpooling, meeting room requests and escorting clients around campus
  • booking and event management of conferences, meetings and other events on campus
  • managing telephone enquiries and front desk queries
  • logging and escalating critical incidents while working within the emergency/evacuation services frameworks and business continuity plans
  • a range of administrative tasks.

In addition, we provide a range of essential services for all staff on campus.

Our services

ACU have fleet vehicles which are available for hire. To book a vehicle, please complete a Campus Motor Vehicle Request Form and submit it via a Concierge Service Desk Request. Campus Concierge will arrange for the vehicle keys and logbook to be available for collection and discuss the conditions of hire with you.
Not all ACU campuses offer carparks. Section 1.9 Carpark Management contains rules and procedures on carparks. Reserved parking lists will be released by the Properties and Facilities Directorate as required.
All requests for functions, including catering, room and equipment setup should be placed via the Web Room Booker.
Campus lockers are available to staff and/or students. Campus Concierge can provide information about the locations, issuing and payments.
The Campus Concierge team is responsible for managing lost property and taking down information from staff and/or students for lost items. Any lost property found on campus should be handed into concierge.
Campus Concierge assists with the incoming and outgoing mail for staff on campus.

Incoming mail
A Facility Assistant or Campus Concierge staff member is responsible for collecting and sorting the mail for delivery to each department. Each campus has one mail delivery run a day.

Outgoing mail
During the daily mail delivery run, Facility Assistants/Campus Concierge staff will collect any outgoing mail from departments and internal mail boxes. Staff are asked to ensure that letters are placed in ACU postage paid or express post envelopes. Envelopes are available by completing an Express and Postage Paid Envelope Order Form and submitting via Concierge Service Desk.

Courier delivery
Campus Concierge ensures delivery is for a person located at campus, receives the parcel, and notifies the staff member by email. Staff will have until 3pm to collect the parcel from reception. Any parcels that are not collected by staff will be stored and included in the next day delivery run.
Where possible, staff are encouraged to use their ACU credit cards. Minor items of approved expenditure (less than $150) may be claimed on a Petty Cash Form. Claims for reimbursement of more than $150 for approved University expenditure are made on a Staff Reimbursement Form. All claims must relate to University work related expenses only, and must have original receipts/supporting documentation attached and be approved by an appropriate manager.
ACU have rooms available for meeting and event bookings across all campuses. Teaching and non-teaching spaces should be booked by staff directly, however Campus Concierge staff is available to assist if required. You can book rooms online using the Web Room Booker.
Each campus has dedicated staff areas, and some include kitchenettes supplied with milk, tea, coffee, sugar and cleaning supplies. When supplies run low, staff should submit a request to Concierge Service Desk
If you require a swipe card please complete an Access Card Application Form after obtaining approval from your manager. In order to obtain a key, a request must be made by the approving manager via Concierge Service Desk. All keys and swipe cards must be returned when staff members leave. Lost cards and/or keys should be reported to security immediately. Replacement cards may attract a fee.
Campus Concierge can order a cab if you provide them with the desired travel location, time of pickup and contact number. Travellers will be required to come to reception to meet their taxi. Some campuses have a taxi phone that can be used by staff and students. The cost of the taxi will be the responsibility of the hirer.
Campus Concierge is responsible for maintenance inspections of work areas and will log a service call for any cleaning, maintenance or repair issues. Any issues can also be reported by emailing Concierge Service Desk.

Concierge operating hours


North Sydney 7.30am–7pm, Monday to Friday
Canberra8am–5pm, Monday to Friday
Strathfield8am–6pm, Monday to Friday


Brisbane7.30am–7pm, Monday to Friday


Melbourne7.30am–7pm, Monday to Friday
Ballarat9am–5pm, Monday to Friday