ACU Survey Governance Framework

ACU is committed to continuous review and improvement, and as part of this, the University engage in a number of student surveys to gather feedback around learning and teaching, university experience and infrastructure.

What is the purpose of the framework?

The Survey Governance Framework is designed to minimise the risks of over-surveying students and to promote a clear and transparent methodology for the governance of student surveys.

Who does it apply to?

The framework applies to surveys that are targeted at current ACU students. Surveys of prospective students, graduates or alumni are outside the scope of this framework.

Do I need approval to survey students?

You must get approval for all surveys targeted at ACU students. This is alongside the approval required by the Human Research Ethics Committee.

All of the approved student surveys and block out periods are shown in the ACU Student Survey Calendar.

Contact us

Additional survey services such as survey design, management and analysis are available at request. Email us if you need further information.