Reports and Statistics

The Office of Planning and Strategic Management ensures the University meets its reporting requirements to the Federal Department of Education in compliance with the Higher Education Support Act (HESA), including coordination and submission of student and staff data collection and provision of HELP funding estimates.

The Office also supports the University’s load planning and forecasting, admissions modelling and the provision of statistical data for reporting and publication.

ACU pocket statistics

The pocket statistics provides an overview of the University's student numbers, research income and outputs, staff numbers, graduate outcomes and financial highlights.

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Statistical Digest

The Statistical Digest is the official quantitative statistical collection of students, staff and graduates information as reported to the federal department.

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Enrolment Plan

The Enrolment Plan reflects the anticipated shift in demand and growth of courses that are to be offered or withdrawn over a six year period, as aligned with the ACU Strategic Plan and the Commonwealth policy direction.

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Load vs Plan Report

The Load vs Plan Report tracks the University’s current student load against target load as set in the Enrolment Plan.

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Applications, Offers and TAC Market Share Report

The Applications, Offers and TAC Market Share Report is produced every week during the admission cycle (semester 1 and midyear intake) and includes information from all Tertiary Admission Centres (TAC) and direct applications.

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Benchmarking Reports

This section contains a suite of reports which compare the University’s data with other higher education providers in order to gain insights into trends across the sector.

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