Organisational Unit Reviews

ACU’s organisational unit review process commenced in 2010 and currently runs on a five to seven year cycle.

Reviews are a valuable opportunity for both the organisational unit and the University to reflect on the achievements, ensure alignment with its strategic direction, Mission and vision, and assess the effectiveness and capability of the unit in meeting the University’s current and future needs.

The purpose of the reviews is to:

  • build a culture of critical self-reflection and continuous improvement
  • ensure alignment with the university’s strategic direction, Mission and vision
  • recognise areas of strength, achievements and performance excellence
  • assess the organisational unit’s engagement with its stakeholders
  • identify areas of improvement and provide recommendations
  • explore and assess potential opportunities and future directions.
Organisational unit Review documents Proposed timing
for review visit*
Dates for written
  Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)   Terms of Reference   Mar–Apr 2016   Invitation: March 2016
  Closing: 1 April 2016
  Office of Student Success   Terms of Reference   May–Jun 2016   Invitation: June 2016
  Closing: 15 July 2016
  Student Engagement and Services   Terms of Reference   Jul–Aug 2016   Invitation: July 2016
  Closing: 15 August 2016
  Governance and General Counsel Directorate   Terms of Reference   Sep–Oct 2016   Invitation: September 2016
  Closing: 14 October 2016
  Executive Education   Terms of Reference   Mar–Apr 2017   Invitation: estimate February 2017
  Closing: March 2017
  Identity and Mission   Terms of Reference   May–Jun 2017   Invitation: estimate April 2017
  Closing: May 2017

*Please note that the dates above are subject to change and are based on the proposed timing of the review visit.