Business Intelligence Steering Committee

Role of the committee

The role of the Business Intelligence Steering Committee (BISC) is to promote and provide direction to the University’s BI program of work. It assists ACU in meeting its strategic goals and provides a foundation for informing strategic decision-making. The role of the committee includes:

  • overseeing the development and implementation of a strategic BI architecture/ roadmap for the University
  • provide overall guidance and direction to the project, ensuring it remains viable with specified constraints
  • ensuring effective BI processes, systems and governance are in place to support the University’s strategic information requirements
  • ensuring alignment between ACU’s strategic information needs and BI capability
  • monitoring progress of major BI initiatives and projects across the University
  • managing key risks associated with the planning and implementation of BI solutions and/or initiatives
  • providing leadership and guidance in the implementation of BI best practice across the University
  • promoting, enforcing and supporting a data-driven culture across the University and the use of data in decision-making
  • to set tolerances and accept progress through major stages of the project
  • to respond to requests for advice or information from the Business Intelligence Project Manager, including granting access to subject matter experts particularly during discovery, implementation and user testing.


The BISC is a decision-making group with the power to approve Business Intelligence functionality, development and enhancement, within the remit of the Project’s Scope of Work.


The BISC consists of the following members:

  • Director, Planning and Strategic Management (OPSM) (Chair)
  • Director, Finance
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Director, Information Technology
  • Director, Learning and Teaching Centre
  • Director, Libraries
  • Director, Strategic Projects
  • One Faculty Manager
  • Executive Director, Infrastructure and Deputy Chief Operating Officer
  • Academic Registrar and Director, Student Administration
  • Director, Marketing and External Relations
  • Senior Manager, Research Systems and Reporting, Research Systems and Reporting
  • Director, Properties and Facilities.