Email signatures

Email sent via any of the University's electronic communications systems must project a positive image of the University and build on the ACU brand.

The email signature templates have been designed to ensure consistency and uniformity across the campuses.If you have any problems formatting the signature on your desktop or device, please contactService Desk.


  • All emails sent via the University's electronic communications systems should have a plain white background.
  • No other colours or graphics such as clouds, stripes, plants, etc., should be used.
  • Middle initial and professional designation (PhD, EdD, MLS, MAT, etc.) are optional.
  • Fax and PO box address are optional fields.
  • Skype details can be included, if necessary.
  • The vertical line separator between position and school/ faculty can be created with a lower case 'L' or hitting the 'Shift' button and the key below the 'Backspace' button on your keyboard.
  • For details on how to change your email signature please refer to the instructions on Sharepoint.


The email signature templates for PC, Mac and Webmail are available on Sharepoint.

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