Services from the Learning and Teaching Centre

All ACU staff are encouraged to join with the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) in enhancing the learning and teaching experiences of our community.

We at LTC are part of the Students, Learning and Teaching portfolio, and work on University-wide initiatives in education, notably in the use of technology for course delivery and in student engagement in learning. Here are some of the services we provide.

Higher education teacher development: ACU aims to enrich the student experience through best practice research-led teaching. LTC supports academic staff through professional development programs and services.

  • If you are new to teaching at ACU, we invite you to undertake an Introduction to Learning and Teaching.
  • As you develop your professional skills and capacity in scholarly teaching, you may benefit from other professional development activities designed and developed by the LTC, including the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (GCHE).

Technology-enhanced learning: You can learn more about using technology in your teaching through the support materials and workshops presented by the eLearning advisors and other LTC staff. The educational technologies integrated in LEO include the learning management system (Moodle), ePortfolio, Turnitin, and the content repository. LTC manages these applications and their development, and highlights models of good practice for learning design and delivery.

Curriculum design and development: Academic developers from the LTC can help teams with course review and course development, and give advice to ensure that courses comply with Federal and accreditation requirements and engage and benefit students.

Evaluation of units and teaching: Student evaluations of learning and teaching can improve your teaching and unit design. The Evaluations team of LTC administers and analyses these online surveys.

Awards, grants and citations: ACU values and encourages great teaching. LTC staff administer ACU’s internal and external teaching awards and teaching development grants. We also provide extensive support, workshops and resources for staff applying for teaching awards or grants.

Policies on learning and teaching: Several ACU policies govern different aspects of learning and teaching across the university. Staff in LTC lead the development and revision of these and work with others to integrate good teaching practices in all relevant policies. We contribute to the University's response to TEQSA and other Federal government requirements, and serve on faculty learning and teaching committees and external education groups.