Learning and teaching principles

A cross-faculty advisory group has been working on developing principles of learning and teaching for ACU staff and students. These principles should underpin the development and revision of all ACU policies related to learning and teaching.

Learning and teaching at ACU is shaped by six principles based on ACU’s mission, values and the Catholic intellectual tradition. These principles state the characteristics that the University requires in all its teaching and learning activities:

Principle 1: An engaging learning experience

Principle 2: An integration of scholarship, research, teaching and learning

Principle 3: Diverse communities and inclusive learning environments and curriculum

Principle 4: Enriched learning and teaching, co-curricular support, and technology-enhanced learning

Principle 5: Knowledge, skills and personal values developed through active learning and real world experiences

Principle 6: A culture of critical reflection and continuous improvement

[Approved by the University Learning and Teaching Committee, June 2015]