SharePoint 2007

Simple uses of SharePoint at ACU

Document Collaboration

Allows staff to store documents in a single shared location and allows other staff to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from that  location.


Allows groups of staff to have access to a common calendar. This can be used in a team situation where team members can publish events, meetings, and leave information for other staff members to view. The Calendar can even be linked to Outlook so the SharePoint Calendar can be viewed alongside your regular day to day calendar.

Project Management and Task Lists

The task list is a good tool for keeping track of action items and for specific projects.Tasks can be assigned to individual team members and “due-dates” can be added to help staff see when they need to complete the task by.


The MySite areas is a personal space for you on SharePoint. This area allows you to add staff profile information so that other staff in the University can see your profile details. It also allows you to store “Personal Documents” – documents that only you can view.


Owner User Guides: Please Note if you can not access this link you may not have the permissions for the SharePoint site, please contact IT Skills for access.

Basic User Guide (PDF, 208KB)

ACU SharePoint Home Page

Essential Training -

Using SharePoint with Acrobat X