Equipment in Rooms

What you should know about Video Tapes:

Video Tape Format

When purchasing video tapes for the university, you must order tapes that are the correct video standard for Australia.

The designated standard is "PAL" or PAL50.

If you can only purchase the tape in another format you will need to convert it to the Australian standard. IMPORTANT: Copyright permission must be obtained to convert a tape.
(Consult the phone book for a local video company that provides this service).

This is the only way to ensure reliable playback.


Macrovision is a copy prohibit format which is encoded on to some video tapes and DVD's. In simple terms, a Macrovision encoded tape can be played back and viewed on most televisions, but cannot be copied to another video recorder. The problem is that many data/video projectors behave in a similar way to a video recorder and therefore have difficulty showing a Macrovision encoded tape. When you purchase a tape, the preference is for it not to be Macrovision encoded.


It appears that the university has many NTSC format tapes. Firstly, we would recommend that these tapes be converted.

The following is a guide as to how these tapes will perform with the various combinations of the universities playback equipment. Please note that this guide assumes a non Macrovision encoded tape.

Video Tape Players

All the university video tape players should accept an NTSC tape. Vision quality will depend on the viewing equipment.


All the recent university data/video projectors are multiple format units and should playback an NTSC format tape.


All the university televisions are Australian Standard, PAL units. NTSC playback quality will vary from jittery black and white to washed out colour.


E - Podiums

The current E - Podiums have been built to comply with the increasing demands of the teaching industry. The most notable addition to the equipment is the IP phone. The IP phone is positioned atop the trolly next to the monitor. The IP phone is setup to call help at the touch of a button, with 2 speed dials programmed for the Service Desk and the ITSS Duty Officer. On the front edge are the 4inch 2way speakers. Just below is the keyboard drawer. Lecturers with their own laptops can share the benefits the computer has to offer such as: connection to the data projector and speaker system. A switchbox has been installed so that the Lecturer can 'switch' between the computer and the laptop with ease. In the coming months a DVD player/equipped computer will be added to the podiums.