Sophos Antivirus Software

New antivirus software is here.....

A new antivirus solution, Sophos Endpoint Security and Control, previously known as Sophos Anti-Virus, has replaced Microsoft Forefront on all ACU owned and leased devices.

Sophos Endpoint Security brings one main benefit to protect both Windows and non-Windows devices against all known threats. Also, there is now a reduction in the number of updates being required with the new antivirus, resulting in minimal impact on system resources.

An implementation schedule has successfully been put in place with all staff desktops receiving the installation between May and June 2014. Student computers available in the public access areas had their antivirus software migrated to Sophos Endpoint Security and Control during December 2013.

Available for staff to download on to a personal computer, free of charge

Staff are now also able to download Sophos Endpoint Security and Control at home, on to a personal computer they use at home for work use.


ACU Staff are entitled to install Sophos Endpoint Security and Control for Windows at home on a single computer, free of charge, for the purposes of working on ACU related work.

Staff who install the product must remove this from their home computer should they no longer be an employee of ACU.

Home use is governed by the terms of Sophos End-User License Agreement for Consumers

Apple Mac Users

Sophos does not provide a Home Use product for Mac through Enterprise Agreements. In place of this, Sophos provides a free Home Edition Mac version of the product that is available to the public from the Sophos website.


ACU is unable to provide technical support for employees regarding the installation of Sophos Home Use editions. This also applies to the troubleshooting of any issues arising from the use of Sophos Home Use editions.

ACU IT recommends staff approach the installation of any new applications on home computers with the usual precautions such as:

  1. Backing up data first to, for example, an external hard drive
  2. Ensuring you enable system restore points.

Sophos also provide some user guides which you may wish to consult to assist with any troubleshooting.

How to install Sophos Endpoint Security and Control for home use

  1. Download the user guide with full steps on the installation process (PDF, 862kb)
  2. Download the file, (Binary File, 209MB). Please note you will be asked for your ACU Username and Password so as to access this file (the link is also included in the user guide).