Apple Mac Compatibility

It is advisable for new Mac computers to be loaded with Windows via Boot Camp for full software, network and Service Desk support.

Macs running OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and higher can participate in the use of ACU network resources. OSX 10.7 (Lion) is recommended.


All Intel based Macs have the ability to run Windows in either native mode (bootcamp) or in a virtualised mode (software purchase is required for parallels/VMfusion).


Outlook for Mac 2011 is the recommended email client.


Macs are able to print to mostprinters at ACU but need to be configured manually for setup and cost recovery. Some print models are not supported by Mac.


Safari is supported on Macs as it is the default browser which comes with OSX. Safari is supported by WebCT. Internet Explorer is not supported bythe Mac platform.

Media players

Macs are able to most media formats via iTunes and Quicktime.

ACU Software

Below is a comparison of software commonly used at ACU and its ability to run under OSX. As this list is constantly changing please contact IT Client Service to see if there have been any late changes.


Available on Mac


MS Office Y Current version is Office 2011 for Mac and is different to the Windows version but still generally compatible
Word Y Runs fine
Excel Y Runs fine
Access N/A No Mac version
Powerpoint Y Runs fine
Outlook Y Can be setup with ACU email account
Publisher N/A No Mac version
Adobe CS5.5 Suite Y Works fine
Roxio cd/dvd burning N/A OSX has built in CD/DVD burning
Adobe Reader Y Runs fine
Java Y Runs fine
Quicktime Y Runs fine
Flash Plugin Y Runs fine
Shockwave Y Runs fine
SPSS 19 Y Runs fine
End Note 5.5 Y Runs fine
iTunes Y Runs fine
Banner Y Banner is web based and will run on the Mac platform
Nvivo 10 Y Runs fine
ForeFront Antivirus N/A No Mac version

Other Software:

If a software application is not included on this list please contact IT Support Services or your vendor for advice.