Purchasing Computers

For ACU Work Purposes:

To ‘purchase’ a computer, you are able to choose this option when ordering from the IT Purchasing site: www.acu.edu.au/itpurchasing. If an item you would like is not listed please email it.purchasing@acu.edu.au or submit a Service Desk request (service.desk@acu.edu.au). It is also suggested you speak to someone in your local IT area initially to see if your choice is compatible with ACU applications. If you would then like a quote, IT Purchasing can supply this from one of our preferred suppliers together with instructions on how to order through the online purchasing site.

A preferred supplier is a supplier that ACU has written agreement with. Our current preferred supplier for PCs (including desktops, laptops and servers) is Dell.

Our other preferred suppliers are: Computers Now and Harris Technology

For Personal Use:

Dell is our only ‘Preferred supplier’ who offers a discount scheme for ACU staff who would like to purchase a personal computer.

For more information: