Leasing Computers

To lease a computer, you are able to choose this option when ordering from the IT Purchasing site: www.acu.edu.au/itpurchasing. If an item you would like is not on this listing please email it.purchasing@acu.edu.au or submit a Service Desk request (service.desk@acu.edu.au). It is also suggested you speak to someone in your local IT area initially to see if your choice is compatible with ACU applications. If you would then like a quote, IT Purchasing can supply this from one of our preferred suppliers together with instructions on how to order through the online purchasing site.

A preferred supplier is a supplier that ACU has written agreement with. Our Dell agreement provides 3 year onsite warranty, and provides the required asset details to Macquarie in ACU's required format.

Please note the current preferred PC (includes desktops, laptops and servers) supplier is Dell.

The Cost centre manager is responsible for managing the leased assets that are leased within their cost centre.