Computer Faults

When a University PC/laptop has a problem, the issue should be logged on the HelpDesk.

Client support staff need to provide first level support, to verify if it is a software fault or hardware fault. If it is a software fault, it should be rectified, by Client Support Services. In the case of a laptop, the clients will have to provide any operating system software that is required.

If it is a hardware fault, Support Services will facilitate the repair, however the cost of the repair and any associated costs are the responsibility of the cost centre that owns the computer.

When PC's/laptops are purchased, ITSS recommend that machines are purchased with 3 year onsite warranty. When departments purchase machines that ITSS recommend, ITSS will then ensure that the on site warranty is delivered as promised.

When a laptop or a desktop pc is purchased with return to base warranty, ITSS should provide first level support. Once it is identified that the fault is a hardware fault, the client needs to arrange the return to base for the equipment and arrange its retrieval (ITSS will not perform the packing, shipping, or retrieval). If after repair, the ACU software needs reloading, this should be logged as a HelpDesk request and dealt with as a software fault.

Where a hardware fault is diagnosed, and the machine is out of warranty, Client Support Services will arrange a quote from an external repairer. The quote will include the cost of the repairer retrieving the PC/laptop or repairing it on site. Where the client wants to save costs by arranging to send the machine off-site for repair, the client will be responsible for packaging, shipping and after repair retrieving the computer.