Video Conference FAQs


Virtual Meeting Rooms

From the start of January 2015 all video conferences will now use a Virtual Meeting Room number. This means that the video conference will not start automatically. VMR's have the following advantages:

  1. Allows pre-dial for testing so any problems can be sorted out before the conference starts
  2. Allows the lecture to be extended until the client hangs up. This means no more urgent requests to the service desk to extended a conference
  3. Lectures and meetings can start from any room rather than a predefined space. This will assist you when you have to move to other rooms
  4. If you hang yourself up, you can dial yourself back in without having to wait for Service Desk to do this and delaying your meeting
  5. You can use the same number to dial from your desktop, I-Pad or I-Phone if you have the Polycom app installed

Your Virtual Meeting Room ID will start with 61 and then the last five digits of your phone number. All clients wishing to dial into your conference would have to use the same number.

Further information

Please note: If you would like to organise the videoconference in a meeting room with dedicated videoconference facilities, you still need to book such room. Currently you can book a room sending a request to Service Desk (with or without related form, depending on the campus).

However, the process of ad hoc room booking is under review as an identified service improvement priority under the Service Matters Framework. A project to improve processes for booking space at ACU has been initiated and may result in changes to the current process. For more information regarding this project, contact

How can video conferencing benefit my department?

link with experts from hospitals and information sessions at other scientific institutions
Arts and Sciences
link with cultural and performing artists
link with museums and pre-schools for lesson observation and mentor support
link with indigenous speakers
Student Services
link with care workers and the disabled to share ideas for education needs
experience other cultures first hand
link with CEO’s and department heads for their experience

How do I use the equipment?

Refer to the Video Conference User Guides.

What are the connection methods?

ACU can connect to other sites using IP and ISDN.

How do I book a video conference?

You will have to contact IT Service Desk on extension 7272 or see Web Room Bookings.

How do I video conference to an External Party in Australia or Overseas?

Please request the following information from the external participant:

  • Their Video Conference IP/IDSN address
  • What kind of Video Conference Equipment they use
  • Contact details of their Video Conference Coordinator

Send this information to We require at least 5 business days after receiving the information to test the connections. An e-mail will be sent back to you to inform you of the tests results.

What type of video conference equipment do we use?

  • Polycom HDX 7000
  • Polycom HDX 8000
  • Polycom Realpresence Group 700/500/300
  • Polycom Realpresence for Desktop/iPad and iPhone

What if I still have questions?

If you wish a demonstration of the equipment, please contact the Service Desk on x7272. You can also e-mail your questions to