About Video Conferencing

About Video Conferencing at ACU

IT provide video conferencing support across the University at the following times :

  • Monday to Thursday - 8am to 7pm
  • Friday - 8am to 5pm.


Our video conferencing facilities are split into three main areas:

    • used for meetings or small lectures
    • used for one to one or one to many conferences.
    • used for lectures to two or more sites
    • conference can be recorded and uploaded to the web or on DVD.
  1. Video Conference On Your Desktop
    • used mainly for one to one calls
    • equipment resides on the clients desktop
    • hardware can be purchased from IT Purchasing.

How to Connect a Video Conference

From the start of January 2015 all video conferences will now use a Virtual Meeting Room number. This means that the video conference will not start automatically.

Please refer to the following guide that will step you through the process of connecting your conference. This guide will also show you how to connect to the same conference via a phone line.

How To Book A Video Conference

If you have any special requests i.e: first time user, PowerPoint presentation etc, please include this in your booking request.

If using or planning to use video conferencing equipment for the first time please contact the ServiceDesk who will be able to arrange a training session for you.

To book Video Conference Lecture Rooms e-mail timetabling@acu.edu.au

To book Video Conference Meeting Rooms e-mail servicedesk@acu.edu.au

Please also state in the request if you want your video conference recorded.


Visit the Video Conference FAQ page.