How do I access email when I'm out of the office?

Access your email, calendars and contacts from any browser by using the Microsoft Outlook Web Interface.

This means you can check your email from anywhere: whether it’s from home or someone else’s PC.

The step by step guide

  1. Type into your web browser’s address bar.
  2. Login with the same user name and password you normally use at work.


You should now see all your emails, contacts and calendar information, as well as access any public folders.

Having problems?

Because Outlook needs to connect to your browser over a secure connection, you have to include https:// in the address – otherwise you will not be able to connect.


If you are using somebody else's computer, it is important that you log off Outlook before you leave. Otherwise other people using the machine will be able to access and read your emails.

Need to know

By connecting to the University’s wired or wireless network you are accepting: