About Wireless Access

All staff and currently enrolled students at ACU receive free internet access through the University's wired and wireless networks.  The wireless access enables them to use their laptops and mobile devices to log on to the network and access its systems.

ACU uses the IEEE 802.11g wireless network standard to allow members of the University community to connect to the Public Network and computing resources in some buildings and public areas on campus at speeds up to 54 Mbps.

By connecting to the University’s wired or wireless network you are accepting :

How do you connect?

To enable you to connect to the ACU wireless network, your Laptop, PDA or portable computing device will need to have either: Built-in 802.11b or 802.11g wireless capability, or a plug-in wireless card (eg. PCMCIA, Firewire or USB) supporting one or more of these standards. 

You need to configure your device to connect to the wireless LAN - see How to Setup ACU Wireless.

How to connect to your home drives (H:) via the wireless network (for staff only)

User Guides

 For more Wireless help refer to Wireless User Guide